Arrow Recap: In Love and War — Plus, Felicity's [Spoiler] Returns Next Week

This week’s episode of Arrow, despite its synopsis, wasn’t so much about the manhunt for Adrian Chase but the lengths that different factions were willing to go, who they would betray, to succeed.

With Chase in the wind for a week and neither Team Arrow, A.R.G.U.S. nor the SCPD anywhere close to closing in on him, Felicity appealed to Helix for their special kind of help. After accidentally killing an A.R.G.U.S. operative via elevator, Alena shared that Helix found Cayden James has tech that would be able to scan for Chase’s heartbeat. Thing is, the elite hacker is being held by A.R.G.U.S.

When Alena hires some mercs to hunt down a second A.R.G.U.S. agent and steal her key, Team Arrow intervenes — only to get waved off by Felicity. Back at the lair, Felicity argues that letting Helix have Cayden James back is the best/only way to find Chase, but Lyla refuses to roll over. Diggle suggests that Oliver is the only one who might get through to Felicity and pull her away from the dark side, so Oliver pays his former fiancée a visit at the loft, catching her just as she’s about to join Helix for their big op.

“Don’t do this,” Oliver asks, only to get promptly shut down by Felicity. Given all he has done in the name of saving the city, “How can you stand there and ask me not do same thing, to do whatever it takes [ to find Chase]?,” she marvels.

“The reason I fell in love with you was because you were willing to do what was right, no matter the cost — even if it’s unbearably hard. It’s what makes you you,” she continues. As someone who worked alongside him all these years, “How can I be any different?” Oliver doesn’t want Felicity to sell her soul in the name of destroying something he created, but Felicity asks him to let her share the burden of doing right. Oliver holds firm, “I can’t” — leaving her no choice but to say, “Then you’ll have to stop me.”

Oliver, Diggle, Curtis and Dinah prepare to help defend A.R.G.U.S. against the Helix attack, only they come to realize that Alena & Co. aren’t targeting HQ, but a black site 12 miles away, where Cayden is actually being held inside a cargo container. Team Arrow arrives on the scene and fights ensue, but Felicity keeps Oliver from stopping their getaway, with Cayden, by stepping in the path of his trained gun.

Afterward, Felicity returns to the Helix hideout only to find it evacuated. A video of Alena then explains that Felicity’s ties to Team Arrow made her a liability, so, “Let’s just be friends.” As a parting gift, Cayden whipped up a bit of code for Felicity, which she then brings to Oliver at the Arrowcave. But when she fires  up the program, it indicates that Chase is… where they are. And on that note, an explosion rocks the lair. And as seen in the promo embedded below (SPOILER ALERT!), it apparently was an EMP blast, because Felicity’s spinal chip has been powered down, returning her paralysis (as EP Wendy Mercile hinted was coming).

Elsewhere in the hour:

* In a rather random C-story that was partly saved by a sweet payoff, Quentin told Rene that he knows about his daughter — more to the point, how Rene has done nothing to actually see little Zoe, even though he technically could. Rene explains how he once “hurt her,” in a kitchen/hot soup mishap, and thus feels he is “bad news.” But by episode’s end, Lance — knowing how he’d given anything to (BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!) see his Laurel again — surprises Rene with a visit from Zoe, which moves the proud dad enough to decide to follow up with a lawyer about a proper reunion.

* Seeing how far down the Amanda Waller hole Lyla has fallen shook Diggle, lots. Especially the realization that Lyla had no qualms about keeping Cayden James in a black site, with no charges pressed, no judge, no jury. Back home after the Helix attack, Lyla wants to talk it out, but John fears he will say things he regrets. Still, he can’t help but observe, “The job has changed you,” to which Lyla argues, “The world has changed” — and “the world is safer” with her in Waller mode. Defeated, Dig notes to his onetime ex, “We know where this fight takes us….” When Lyla thus suggests they dodge it and “move forward,” John sighs, “I don’t know if I can.”

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