Prison Break: Paul Adelstein Previews a Punchy 'Reunion' — Watch Sneak Peek

Prison Break Kellerman

This Tuesday on Prison Break (Fox, 9/8c), two different kinds of longtime adversaries come face to face, when Kellerman receives a visit from T-Bag.

And while it’s tempting to call it a reunion , Paul Adelstein is quick to note that although Kellerman had his fingers in many a pie back in the day, the two characters never really shared a proper scene during the original series’ run.

“At the end of Season 4, the Scylla storyline, [Robert] Knepper and I talked about how we had never exchanged words on the show — and yet we always longed for it,” Adelstein tells TVLine. So for an actor who was already “thrilled and desirous” to be a part of the revival and reprise his role, “It was the cherry on top to get to work again with Sarah [Wayne Callies, as Sara], and with Knepper for the first time.”

Reflecting on Kellerman’s recent, first encounter with Sara since her one-time husband’s resurrection, Adelstein says the Secret Service agent-turned-Department of State bigwig doesn’t necessarily believe that Michael orchestrated his faked death and new identity as Ogygia inmate/terrorist Kaniel Outis.

“I think that he was probing her. He’s probably not giving her all of the information that he has,” the actor offers. “But I do think that they’re stumped, and they’re confused, and they are trying to get to the bottom of it. Kellerman doesn’t know what to believe, so he’s doing a classic intelligence community maneuver, hoping that giving her a little bit of information will get him a lot of information back.”

T-Bag, in turn, has been dispatched by Sara to find out just how much Kellerman knows, especially with regards to the mysterious puppet master dubbed “Poseidon.” And considering that Kellerman back in the day got the whole gang exonerated save for its one-handed member, the gents’ meeting will be tense.

“They are two characters who for good reason are very leery of one another,” says Adelstein, “but they both know that the other is a pragmatist at heart. So regardless of who has the upper hand at any given moment, there is probably some deal to be struck or understanding to be found.”

Watch the exclusive sneak peek below to get a sense of Kellerman’s formal introduction to Theodore Bagwell:

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