Pretty Little Liars Recap: Addison, Subtracted

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Is anybody else kind of obsessed with Addison?

Sure, Pretty Little Liars‘ newest addition — whose name literally rhymes with Alison, in case you weren’t able to deduce that she’s essentially the mean girl’s second coming — isn’t re-inventing the wheel when it comes to cyberbullying. But as evidenced by the fact that I’ve watched 152 episodes of this show, I’m a sucker for a mystery, and Addison is nothing if not mysterious.

Like, why is she so obsessed with the Emily-Alison-Paige drama? Why did she make up lies about Emily getting “inappropriate” with her in the locker room? Is she working with Jenna? And, most importantly, why did she pronounce “federal” as “fed’ral?”

Either way, I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Addison. I liked the idea of Emily giving into her “dark” side in order to win, and it was fun watching her team up with Paige. Although… when Emily lashed out at Addison in the locker room, did anyone else think she was saying some things she wanted to say to Alison a long time ago?

Elsewhere this week…

* Even though we all know that Ezra and Aria will make it down the aisle — we’ve all seen and analyzed this on Instagram, yes? — the show is determined to make us wait for it, hence this week’s entire wallow-y Aria subplot. Following an awkward encounter with a reporter for the Philadelphia Enquirer, one who assumed that Nicole was Ezra’s fiancée, Aria took her troubles straight to Holden’s kitchen, where her old pal lent her his ear in exchange for her tomato-slicing skills. … Then, things got a little weird. Aria tried to visit Nicole, bearing the gift of salt water taffy, only to be stopped outside the rehab clinic by Holden. And instead of giving her another ear, he gave her a romantic dinner — and a shoulder. (Aria, what are you doooooing?!)

* This week also brought us Episode 2 of Hanna and Mona’s fashion-centric spinoff. (Drop your suggestions for a title in the comments section below!) Things started off snoozy — unless you enjoy watching Hanna sit around while no one returns her calls — but got real interesting when the ladies spotted one of Hanna’s unreleased designs being worn around town. And by Jenna Marshall, no less! Hanna enlisted Caleb for a somewhat successful trip to Philadelphia, where she — naturally — found herself locked in a cage, which nearly doubled as her coffin. Honestly, this girl should never leave the house.

* Lastly, Jenna may not be able to see — but damn, she can act! Following a dramatic arrival at the police station, Jenna claimed that Noel forced her to do his bidding, and that the only reason she brought a gun in the first place was to protect herself. Honestly, if the world’s hottest detective hadn’t been there to hold her back, I feel like Spencer would have given Jenna the Noel treatment. (And speaking of Spencer, didn’t you get a little sad when her mom revealed that they’re selling the house? Nothing screams “our show is ending!” like a major character leaving town.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Pretty Little Liars? Hopes for the final eight? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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