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Famous in Love Star Reacts to Cassie's Naked Truth: 'I Was So Uncomfortable'

Famous In Love Cassie

Cassie’s roommates may still be in the dark, but after Tuesday’s Famous in Love, at least the viewers know how she — or should I say “Lacey” — has been filling her bank account.

“I knew ahead of time,” Georgie Flores tells TVLine of Cassie’s secret, which is that she moonlights as a topless maid. “Marlene pulled me aside at the callback and told me. Honestly, it was a lot better than I thought.”

Like most of us, Flores had assumed that her character was doing more than, ahem, cleaning these guys’ houses.

“When you’re thinking [she’s going to be a] prostitute, topless maid sounds a little better,” she says. “It’s still not great, but yes, better.”

And, yes, filming a topless scene — even from behind — is just as awkward as you think it would be.

“I hate that stuff,” Flores admits. “I was wearing a bra that’s just taped to your boobs in the front. But everyone was really cool about it. They all cleared the set, which you normally only do for sex scenes, but I was just so uncomfortable.”

The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer for Cassie’s roommates to catch wind of her double life. The bad news — at least for Flores — is that Lacey has a few more scenes left, including one that involves a costume.

Your thoughts on Tuesday’s Famous in Love? Cassie’s big reveal? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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