Supergirl Recap: Has Lena Luthor Finally Reached Her Breaking Point?

Supergirl Recap

Another week in National City, another former lover stirring up trouble.

This time, the spotlight was put on Lena Luthor, whose tech-genius ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer (iZombie’s Rahul Kohli) blew back into her life on Monday’s Supergirl like a tornado of nanobots — which, coincidentally or not, also served as this week’s villain. Readers, meet Jack:

Plot twist! It turns out the human trials for Spheerical’s groundbreaking miracle cure were all performed on Jack, which Lena was crushed to learn (via Kara) for a multitude of reasons, including that she was definitely interested in re-kindling their old flame. You know, before she realized he’s become an evil, nano-jacked lunatic. #Dealbreaker

Even more heartbreaking, it was Lena who was forced to pull the proverbial trigger and stop Jack dead in his tracks. And, honestly, her reaction to the whole ordeal does not bode well for her ongoing efforts to fight off her Luthor tendencies: “I’m very, very afraid of the person I might be.” (At least she had Kara there to assure her, “You don’t have to be afraid. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.” That was a nice little moment.

But if we’re talking about which of Lena’s scenes I’m most likely to revisit, it’s definitely that last one. (And not just because Teri Hatcher is wearing that damn suit.) There’s just something about Rhea swooping in at Lena’s most vulnerable point to strike a deal that feels… so right. We all knew Lena would go to the dark side at some point, and if memory serves, Rhea’s proven herself to be quite convincing.

Assorted thoughts…

* I feel like Mon-El took a noticeable backseat this week for the first time in a while. So much of this season has been about his relationship with Kara, and it was nice to remember that she has a life and career (mostly) separate from him. That said, I really enjoyed his scenes; endless charm has always been Chris Wood’s personal superpower.

* Speaking of taking the backseat, I could have used an Alex/Maggie scene this week.

* I’m finding myself strangely invested in Kara’s journey as a journalist, so I was relieved to see her apologize to Snapper for her recent shenanigans. Maybe I’m applying too much real-world logic to a show about aliens in tights, but Kara’s whimsical disregard for the most basic ethical rules of journalism is kind of baffling. She regularly lies about her sources, makes up quotes to fit her stories, and uses her superpowers to eavesdrop on other reporters’ conversations, stealing their hard-earned scoops. But she’s got her job back now, so I guess we’ll see if she really learned anything from her forced sabbatical.

* I’m not going to lie, I was kind of excited by the prospect of Lyra going all Crazy Ex-Teammate on James after he essentially forced Winn to fire her as their third partner in crime (fighting). I was also surprised at how easily the whole ordeal was settled. (James was just like, “Sorry, I’m bad at sharing.”) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Your thoughts on this week’s Supergirl? Are you concerned about Lena’s status as one of the good guys? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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