Pretty Little Liars' Sasha Pieterse Warns: Alison's Pregnancy Makes Her 'More Temperamental Than Ever'

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Don’t expect the tension at Rosewood High to lighten up anytime soon.

Despite Emily attempting to diffuse the drama between Alison and Paige in last week’s Pretty Little Liars premiere, star Sasha Pieterse assures TVLine that the rivalry is “still there,” and she’s not making any apologies about it.

“She’s not in a good place right now,” Pieterse says of her character. “She’s bitter, and I don’t blame her. Like she said in [last week’s] episode, she doesn’t have any real memories with the person she thought she loved — it was all a lie. She feels like a lot of her life is a lie, and much as she’d like for that to not be so, there are certain things she can’t change around her. She’s a little defeated right now.”

And while Pieterse “can’t say… yet” whether or not we’ll get to see Alison give birth on camera, she says that getting to play a pregnant character was “totally fun,” explaining, “I got to be grumpy all the time. This is an extra-hormonal Alison, which can only mean bad things. She’s going to be more temperamental than ever!”

Of course, Ali will need to watch that temper when it becomes her turn to play the literal end game that arrived at Spencer’s barn in last week’s premiere — and yes, “everyone will get a chance to play.”

“When you think of board games, you’re like, ‘How harmful could this be?'” Pieterse says. “But this feels very different than anything we’ve done before. We’re being toyed with in a way we’ve never been toyed with. Every ‘A’ has been different, and this one is definitely deadly. There’s a very Cruel Intentions thing going on.”

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