Scandal Recap: Who Got Elected? Who Got Killed? And Who Got Busy?

Scandal Recap

Cyrus may not be behind bars anymore, but as we saw on Thursday’s Scandal, the weight of his experience has left him a prisoner in his own mind.

Following the vice president-elect’s exoneration, there was but one question on America’s lips: Would he take back the Oval Office, or would the country remain #WithHer? Though Mellie initially resisted ceding the presidency — chewing every last bit of scenery as she lashed out at Olivia, at one point making literal Biblical references — she eventually agreed to throw in the towel. That is, until Elizabeth North decided to intervene.

Meanwhile, despite Rowan’s best efforts (“You need to stop!!!”), Olivia made it her mission to get Cyrus back into the White House — a mission which became extremely difficult after Michael appeared on a national talk show to assure the country, “Cyrus is not a good man. He’s a cheater, a liar, a manipulator.” (And would you vote for a president who couldn’t even count on his own ex-prostitute ex-husband for support? Come on, now.)

So she had to pull out the big guns — the Fitz guns — to convince Cyrus that @POTUS was still a Twitter account worth fighting for. Frankly, I’m surprised at how quickly Fitz was able to win Cyrus over, considering how down he was on the idea at the top of the hour. Fitz didn’t even have to call him “Sweet Baby” or anything!

Then came the twist that no one literally everyone saw coming: Elizabeth was acting under the guidance of Shadowy Organization™ leaders Peus and Ruland! It turns out Mellie is the “Trojan Horse” in which they plan to enter the White House, and when Mellie showed even the slightest objection, the whack-job with the pony tail did a literal whack job on Elizabeth North’s head. With a golf club. (For those of you keeping score at home, we’ve now watched enough Scandal characters get bludgeoned to death by household items that we could probably rank them.)

Olivia refused to give her father up to the FBI as Frankie’s killer, knowing that if he was sent to jail, the Shadowy Organization™ would see him as a threat and likely put him in the ground. (Perhaps next to Sandra, if he’s lucky.) But with Olivia also under investigation, the lack of an additional suspect would almost certainly ensure her imprisonment, which Fitz couldn’t handle. So he screwed over the Director of the FBI — because Fitz always treats his lovers with respect — and reassigned the case.

So here’s where we left things: Mellie is president, Liz is dead, Rowan is secretly being kept in Fitz’s custody, and Fitz and Olivia are back in the saddle. Speaking of which, I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on the long-awaited Olivia/Fitz reunion, as well as this week’s other major developments. Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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