'Stephen Colbert' Reacts to Bill O'Reilly Firing: 'Stay Strong, Papa Bear'

When the news of Bill O’Reilly‘s firing broke, there was only one pundit we wanted to hear from: Stephen Colbert. (No, not that one.)

The Late Show host resurrected his Colbert Report alter ego — one that heavily borrowed from O’Reilly’s combative broadcasting style — on Wednesday’s show, with “conservative pundit Stephen Colbert” appearing via satellite to eulogize the ousted Fox News host — or, as Colbert affectionately calls him, “Papa Bear.”

To set things up, Colbert explained that he spent nine years playing a version of O’Reilly, “and then twelve months in therapy to de-bloviate myself.” He then went live to “Bill O’Reilly’s biggest fan” — aka his Colbert Report persona — who quickly launched into a tirade against the PC culture that toppled O’Reilly: “Suddenly, sexual harassment is a crime?”

But he invited O’Reilly to come live with him in the remote cabin in the woods he shares with Jon Stewart: “We’ve got an animal sanctuary. Jon and I milk the goats… and soon, I hope, we’ll be milking you.” Colbert got faux-choked up, imploring O’Reilly to “stay strong, Papa Bear” before crying out: “Oh God, is this really happening?”

Press PLAY on the video above to see Colbert’s full reaction, then drop your thoughts on Colbert and “Papa Bear” in the comments.