Prison Break Recap: Flight Delay

Prison Break Recap

Michael Scofield’s latest escape… went not so great.

This week on Fox’s Prison Break, Michael spent much of the hour laboring to assure cell mates Whip, Sid and even Ja (who now suddenly is interested in their escapist adventures) that his loyalty is unwavering — this despite his apparent chumminess with ISIL bigwig Abu Ramal, who has been released from solitary for Ramadan, and the smearing of his good name by a fellow prisoner dubbed “The Liar.”

Make no mistake, Abu Ramal believes that his friend “Kaniel Outis” will in fact include him (and, less expectedly, his henchmen) in the imminent prison break. Even after Michael thwarts Ramal’s lynching of the prison’s gays (by insisting that Sid is essential to their escape plan). Michael later snatched a guard’s watch during a scuffle with an increasingly anxious Whip. That triggered a lockdown of the prison, leaving Michael and his pals with the only egress, through the ceiling and over to the roof. But when the “sheik of lights” (with C-Note’s help) follows through on the power outage, a riot ensues, allowing Ramal and his men to storm Michael’s cell just as the gang is starting to flee.

The interlopers’ arrival causes Sid to fall from the ceiling and get left behind. Worse, the unplanned lockdown means there are extra guards on the roof, whom Michael & Co. run right into. Thrown into solitary, Michael uses the last drops of battery on Ja’s phone to record a message for Sara, reiterating his love and “this whole lie” was for her.

Meanwhile, Lincoln got a message (from a local boy whom Michael gifts with bubble gum-sent-via paper airplane) that pointed to an old auto shop where his brother plans to rendezvous with everyone after the escape. There, Linc and C-Note realize that Michael also plans to break out Abu Ramal, “the enemy of everything that’s civilized.” Lincoln then sets out to get a “new” passport, seeing as he traded away his real one. That leads him and Sheba to a sketchy nook in “The Forgers’ District,” where Sheba’s frenemy Cyclops blindsides them. Lincoln is KO’d and locked in a room, while Cyclops aims to get what is “owed” him by the woman he has coveted for so long. Luckily, Lincoln uses a makeshift crowbar (and improbable physics) to bust through the door and prevent the brutal rape, lobbing Cyclops onto a piece of rebar. C-Note meanwhile arrives outside the prison in time to see Michael getting hauled in by the guards.

Back in the States, Sara had a run-in with “compatriot” T-Bag, who waved around his million-dollar mitt (courtesy of Mr. Outis) and warned her of the heavy hitters at play in Michael’s seeming resurrection. Sara also realized that her cell phone had been hacked, then smartly used a local fix-it shop to draw out and get eyes on her pursuers — A&W and Van Gogh, whose earlier banter revealed to us that they are hunting/haunting Sara merely as a “performance,” designed to make Kaniel Outis reach out to her. Scarier, Sara learned that her own thumbprint was used to hack her phone. KELLERMAN!!! Sara then tasks T-Bag with pumping their longtime adversary for any information he can get.

What did you think of the episode “The Liar”?

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