Prison Break Recap

Prison Break Recap: Flight Delay

Michael Scofield’s latest escape… went not so great.

This week on Fox’s Prison Break, Michael spent much of the hour laboring to assure cell mates Whip, Sid and even Ja (who now suddenly is interested in their escapist adventures) that his loyalty is unwavering — this despite his apparent chumminess with ISIL bigwig Abu Ramal, who has been released from solitary for Ramadan, and the smearing of his good name by a fellow prisoner dubbed “The Liar.”

Make no mistake, Abu Ramal believes that his friend “Kaniel Outis” will in fact include him (and, less expectedly, his henchmen) in the imminent prison break. Even after Michael thwarts Ramal’s lynching of the prison’s gays (by insisting that Sid is essential to their escape plan). Michael later snatched a guard’s watch during a scuffle with an increasingly anxious Whip. That triggered a lockdown of the prison, leaving Michael and his pals with the only egress, through the ceiling and over to the roof. But when the “sheik of lights” (with C-Note’s help) follows through on the power outage, a riot ensues, allowing Ramal and his men to storm Michael’s cell just as the gang is starting to flee.

The interlopers’ arrival causes Sid to fall from the ceiling and get left behind. Worse, the unplanned lockdown means there are extra guards on the roof, whom Michael & Co. run right into. Thrown into solitary, Michael uses the last drops of battery on Ja’s phone to record a message for Sara, reiterating his love and “this whole lie” was for her.

Meanwhile, Lincoln got a message (from a local boy whom Michael gifts with bubble gum-sent-via paper airplane) that pointed to an old auto shop where his brother plans to rendezvous with everyone after the escape. There, Linc and C-Note realize that Michael also plans to break out Abu Ramal, “the enemy of everything that’s civilized.” Lincoln then sets out to get a “new” passport, seeing as he traded away his real one. That leads him and Sheba to a sketchy nook in “The Forgers’ District,” where Sheba’s frenemy Cyclops blindsides them. Lincoln is KO’d and locked in a room, while Cyclops aims to get what is “owed” him by the woman he has coveted for so long. Luckily, Lincoln uses a makeshift crowbar (and improbable physics) to bust through the door and prevent the brutal rape, lobbing Cyclops onto a piece of rebar. C-Note meanwhile arrives outside the prison in time to see Michael getting hauled in by the guards.

Back in the States, Sara had a run-in with “compatriot” T-Bag, who waved around his million-dollar mitt (courtesy of Mr. Outis) and warned her of the heavy hitters at play in Michael’s seeming resurrection. Sara also realized that her cell phone had been hacked, then smartly used a local fix-it shop to draw out and get eyes on her pursuers — A&W and Van Gogh, whose earlier banter revealed to us that they are hunting/haunting Sara merely as a “performance,” designed to make Kaniel Outis reach out to her. Scarier, Sara learned that her own thumbprint was used to hack her phone. KELLERMAN!!! Sara then tasks T-Bag with pumping their longtime adversary for any information he can get.

What did you think of the episode “The Liar”?

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  1. Diane says:

    The ending made me anxious, but I had trouble understanding/ hearing some of the dialogue.
    Sara’s husband is so shady.

    • DAMN says:

      I also had issues hearing some of the dialogue.
      I had to rewind a couple of times and increased the volume but I still couldn’t understand what they where saying.

      Yep Sara’s husband is dodgy, wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be Poseidon.

    • Dalia says:

      Same here … I was telling my husband I can’t hear clearly .. what’s wrong am I going deaf or the audio is messed up. Lots of parts I couldn’t hear.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I always have to turn up the volume on FOX, not sure why but I didn’t have any problems hearing last night. The recording Michael made at the end was very sad.

    • Leesa says:

      The episode last night was good and action packed, but I also had trouble hearing some of the dialogue. I see from the comments that other people couldn’t hear some of the dialogue. Hopefully the sound will be better on next weeks episode.

  2. Bwhit says:

    He said Michael Scofield…. that’s all I needed. Jacob is as shady as they come…. the woman that shot him is feet away and he doesn’t notice?!? Yeah okay mr. Theory (eye roll).

  3. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Good to know why Kellerman wanted Sara to use a glass for her water, sucks her phone got hacked and those people found her. Sucks about what happened to Lincoln and Michael. Good to see T-Bag back. I had trouble hearing some of the dialogue too. Hope the next episode won’t have that problem.

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    It’s coming together and I’m loving it. One thing that’s bugging me though. Did I miss something. Where did Lincoln get all that money he’s been throwing around?

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      And we need more Sucre darn it!!

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, that bothered me too. Perhaps that $100k he owed those cronies from the premier conveniently wasn’t spent?

    • daisy96 says:

      at the biggining when he wanted to travel he put a lot of money in his bag

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah, I remember that, just can’t recall them saying where he got it. Must be like Annie says above. It’s gotta be the money those idiots that were chasing him at the very beginning were after. Pretty dang convenient, lol.

    • Haha. Me and my wife asked the same question. Where does Lincoln keep coming up with all that money considering where he was to start the show and where he lived? And where did Michael get a million dollars to pay for the new hand he set up for T’-Bag? Maybe we find out, but so far the show is great.

  5. Annie says:

    Based on the way Michael drew inspiration (or strength) from the eye tattoo on his left palm, I wonder if that was supposed to be a representation of Sara’s eye.

  6. Gift says:

    I believe Sara’s husband is the bad guy. He is Poseidan for sure. This episode made me really anxious. What now? Finally, Micheal is still who he is. Not a bad episode.

  7. Gospino says:

    Another good one. I’d like to see Sucre next week, also more of Sara. I hope Michael escapes by the end of episode 5.

  8. Ms. Des says:

    I think Sara husband is in on this because
    When ever this people shot somebody they kill them. Something just not right.

    I’m so glad Prison Break is back.

  9. dramakid says:

    why did the phone had to shut down after the recording? I also think Sara’s new husband is in on it. he seems suspicious to me. I remember in one of the teasers,he was standing along side Van Gogh and A&W. btw,where the hell is Sucre? I thought he was gonna go with Linc and C-Note to Yemen?
    plus,how come Sara and T-bag gets so little screentime compared to Sheba?

  10. Shelly says:

    It sucks that they sidelined Sucre. They need to bring him back like pronto.

    • I bet he shows up just at the right time and saves the day, or they would not have
      showed him at all. My biggest question is why did Lincoln not tell him to protect Sara until he returned? At least he would have got some screen time.

  11. Was a GREAT episode, however was unable to understand some dialogue and could not understand all of Michael’s last recording on phone to Sara. Great show but please let us understand and hear the DIALOGUE!

  12. Also I believe Michael is working for the NSA or CIA as he said he was supposed to get that other terrorist out of prison. Please turn up the volume or something it is too hard to hear what is being said!!!!!

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I’m clearly in the minority but I had no problems at all. But as I said already I always have to turn up the volume on FOX a notch. Don’t know why but I have to to it with CW sometimes too.

  13. Dominique says:

    not too sure about this episode, everything happened to fast and yet too slow at the same time,if that makes any sense. i’m guessing that sara being able to live her live freely in the USA with mike is because of what michael’s doing right now.
    i hope kellerman isn’t the big bad here in this revival, i liked how they somewhat turned him in his final episodes of the original run. i would hate to see that all go to waste now. especially since his final scene in season 4 was him being spat on by his former partner’s wife, followed by the realization of how much he screwed things up. i would hate to see that all be undone.

  14. Khalid says:

    Either Kellerman or Sara’s husband is Posieden. I think Kellerman because of the easy lifestyle he’s living, he feels like the man in charge whereas Sara’s husband got shot by those people. But I still feel like he can’t be trusted since he’s so negative whenever Sara does something.

  15. Gina says:

    What happened to C-Note wife and daughter?

  16. Julie Barton says:

    Where are Sofia and LJ?.

  17. weiiiii says:

    shouldn’t Sara be sent back to prison since she escaped from prison in Season 4?

  18. Maureen Ballard says:

    Couldn’t understand the dialogue so not 100% sure of what is going on. I am very disappointed.

  19. Maureen Ballard says:

    Can anyone tell me what he recorded to Sara on his phone – it’s quite important! Dialogue clarity is atrocious.