Famous in Love: Bella Thorne Talks Book-to-TV Changes, Promises a 'Meta' Look Inside Young Hollywood

Famous In Love

Structural changes are par for the course when books are made into TV shows, but in adapting Rebecca Serle’s Famous in Love series for Freeform, star Bella Thorne admits there’s one change that even she struggles to wrap her head around.

But before we go any further, here’s what the show — premiering Tuesday at 9/8c — is all about: Thorne stars as Paige Townsen, a young actress whose life changes when she lands the lead role in the movie Locked, opposite Hollywood heartthrobs Rainer Devon (played by Carter Jenkins) and Jordan Wilder (played by Keith Powers).

Following the plot of Famous in Love is relatively easy. Following the plot-within-a-plot of Locked, however, is a another story: “We’ve really tried to figure out the plot of Locked,” Thorne tells TVLine, “but we changed it from the books.” Based on what’s been shot, here’s her best explanation of the movie-within-a-show:

It’s about my character, who’s marrying [Jordan’s character]. I love him, but me and [Rainer’s character] had some special connection. So we go on a plane ride, which crashes, and we end up in a different dimension — and then we travel back in time. From what I gather, my character then falls in love with [Rainer’s character] by traveling through time with him. There’s also [a ‘Time Sorceress’] who wants my character to learn something about herself by traveling through time… I think. Maybe?

(Thorne says there’s been talk of potentially filming a completed version of Locked, so who knows, maybe we’ll all understand it someday.)

Unlike the outlandish plot of Locked, Thorne says that Famous in Love — with its love triangles, business conflicts and never-ending stream of surprises — is pretty much what life in Young Hollywood is all about.

“It’s honestly pretty accurate,” she says. “I’ve gone through so many things that my character is going through. Like, we’d be shooting a scene and I’d think, ‘This has literally happened to me before.’ … The love triangle scenes are fun to shoot, but when we do, we’re all like, ‘This is so meta. Meta, meta, meta!'”

One other thing you should know about Famous in Love: Like it did with Beyond, Freeform is making the show’s entire first season available for binging from Day 1, giving you multiple options for consuming the soapy treat.

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