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Did Bates Motel Just Murder Dylan and Emma's Happy Ending?

Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 9

The body count continues to rise as Bates Motel nears the finish line — and it now seems likely that Dylan and Emma’s heretofore blissful marriage will be among the casualties.

Monday’s penultimate hour began with Dylan confirming to Emma that her biological mother was indeed murdered by his brother Norman. The news instantly torpedoed the new parents’ relationship just as it seemed like they were headed for a happy ending, with Emma freezing Dylan out of her grieving process before ultimately leaving him behind “to go home where it’s normal.”

As the Psycho drama heads into its series finale next Monday, Dylan will continue to be “torn between his wife and his sense of obligation to help fix the Norman problem,” previews executive producer Carlton Cuse. “The question is can their relationship survive the seismic stress that is the discovery that Norman is this serial killer and responsible for all of these deaths, including Emma’s mother.”

The deep sadness weighing down Emma was heartbreakingly palpable at the end of Monday’s episode when she confronted her onetime BFF in jail as he was still possessed by Mother. “Emma walked in there so angry and strident, and then you see her absorbing the human pain that is in front of her,” marvels fellow EP Kerry Ehrin, who penned the scene. “She sees the body of this kid that she loved and was her dear friend, and knows that somewhere, buried inside, he is still there. It’s just a beautiful performance by Olivia [Cooke].”

Cuse takes the praise a step further, calling it “one of the most beautiful scenes” in the show’s five-season run. “Emma’s first romantic relationship was with Norman,” he adds. “They were so close, and you can see all of those layers and complexities. It was an astonishing piece of writing.”

What say you, Bates fans? Are you worried for Dylan and Emma? And how do think Episode 9’s big cliffhanger — Alex’s kidnapping of Norman — will play out in next week’s big conclusion? Weigh in below!

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