24: Legacy Finale: At the End of the Day, Did Revival Survive Its Bauer Outage?

24 Legacy Recap Rebecca Dies

A hero fell as 24: Legacy came to an end on Monday night.

Oh wait, scratch that — there were still 12 hours left in the “day”!

The big draw for the revival’s final hour episode was a showdown between Eric Carter and the Tony Almeida, as the former fought to keep safe Naseri’s presumed-dead daughter Ara. And sure enough, after Carter took out a couple of Tony’s colleagues, fisticuffs and such did ensue inside the safe house, as the fellas traded punches, kicks and more. Carter, though, weathered the gunshot he had sustained just prior to gain the upper hand, at least long enough to break Almeida’s arm.

That is when henchwoman Sidra arrived on the scene, bullet in leg but gun in hand. Carter was saved by the (Ma) Bell, however, when Senator Donovan rang Tony to reveal that DNI boss Simms’ jig was up, and thus this clean-up op was unnecessary. Tony — especially upon realizing that Rebecca could be saved via a trade — saw the sense of Donovan’s words and sent Carter and the girl on their way.

But first, Ara taught Eric a few things about the willows and cedars outside.


Anywho…. As Mullins whisked Ara via chopper to the Jordanian embassy, where she was to be reunited with her mother, Carter went to meet up with Naseri, who had been convinced by a video chat with Ara to “cancel” Rebecca’s public execution (by stabbing/shooting two guards, then detaining ugly Bin Khalid). Alas, when Naseri went to hand off Rebecca to Carter, the sheik rather comically started popping off the pistol he picked up off the floor, whilst teetering in his chair nearby. Carter put the old man down, but not before Rebecca had been shot, taking a bullet for her onetime charge.

Donovan raced to rendezvous with his wife and Carter at the hospital, but Rebecca would not live to see another day. Nor would DNI creep Simms, who took his own life in his office. As such, Rebecca’s dabbling in war crimes would never come to light. That fact, and maybe not so much nudging from Dear Old Dad, prompted Donovan to call off his meeting with the party and instead stay in the race for the White House, to honor Rebecca by being the POTUS he knows he can be — in any possible Season 2?

In between Rebecca flatlining and Donovan mulling such matters, we got a 12-hour fast-forward, zipping us from 11:45 pm to almost noon the next day. Carter arrived at CTU for his debrief, but first he reunited with Nicole. There, he confessed to his wife that he had lied — that he needs “this” in his life, the adrenaline-fueled derring-do. Nicole concurred… and then vowed to make their marriage work, nonetheless.

And thus endeth 24: Legacy. No “Carter is then tasked with extracting Jack Bauer from a Russian gulag.” Just Nicole watching the hubs walk away, with pride.

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