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2 Broke Girls Finale: And... Max and Caroline Lived Happily Ever After?

2 Broke Girls Season 7

The following story contains spoilers from the 2 Broke Girls finale. Proceed at your own peril.

One of the 2 Broke Girls hit the figurative jackpot in Monday’s season finale, but it remains to be seen if viewers will get a chance to see her enjoy any of her winnings.

With the CBS utility player’s fate still very much up in the air, the comedy closed out its sixth season with Kat Dennings’ proudly promiscuous bachelorette Max getting engaged to on-again, off-again boyfriend Randy (Ed Quinn). But co-showrunner Michelle Nader — who over the weekend insisted to TVLine that the finale was not crafted as a goodbye — believes the episode is more about new beginnings than happy endings. Below, the EP offers a preview of a potential Season 7.

TVLINE | The episode felt series finale-ish
The idea was always to get Max and Randy back together, even before the show [landed on the bubble]. We knew that. It represents growth for this character to be in a romantic relationship. She’s learned so much in terms of trusting people, and we wanted there to be some kind of reward for her taking a chance [on love].

TVLINE | With Max headed for a wedding, how will that shift the show’s dynamic in a possible Season 7?
It opens up the world a lot. Max and Caroline have always been the strongest couple on the show, and they will continue to be. But like any friendship, how does that dynamic change when someone gets a significant other? Also, Randy and [Caroline’s squeeze] Bobby [Christopher Gorham] don’t get along. And Randy is wealthy and Max is not comfortable in that world. In the way Max showed Caroline how to be poor, Caroline is going to show Max how to have money and how to be comfortable with it and not sabotage it.

TVLINE | Will Randy and Max start living together?
Max being Max, she wants to take things slowly. And she doesn’t really want to move out from Caroline, because that’s her safety net. She doesn’t want to rush things. She also doesn’t want to rush the wedding. She’s going to resist and resist.

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