The Originals Recap: Klaus Mikaelson and the Deathly Hollow

The Originals Recap

Klaus was given pretty clear instructions midway through Friday’s episode of The Originals: “Kill Marcel, or he will kill you… and everyone you love.” Of course, the situation becomes a little more complicated when you consider the source.

After all, it was the Hollow — appearing in the form of Mikael, because Cami died before she got to work through all of Klaus’ daddy issues — that delivered the troubling ultimatum. Marcel, on the other hand, got off pretty easy in the hallucination department. (I’ll take a well-suited Elijah reciting Shakespeare over the mad rantings of a bloodthirsty Viking lunatic any day.)

But not even the power of a “depraved ghost” was enough to pit Klaus against his son in a fight to the death. Sure, a few barbs were traded, but the conflict ended with Marcel merely being knocked unconscious — a significant step down from what the Hollow had intended. As Elijah pointed out, the mere fact that Klaus spared Marcel’s life proves he’s on the road to redemption.

Freya was able to send the Hollow packing — more on her involvement later — but the episode’s final scene proved, just as we should always assume, that Klaus still has an enemy in New Orleans. And she goes by the name of… Sofya! (Dun, dun, dun.)

Elsewhere this week…

‘I GUESS THIS IS GOODBYE’ (OR NOT) | With the weapon to kill Marcel finally in her possession, Freya informed Keelin that their mission had been accomplished, thus allowing the wayward wolf to return to her old life. “This wasn’t exactly built to be a long-term friendship,” she said as she left, as if that would somehow soften the blow of Freya losing her first non-Mikaelson companion in… forever?

Anyway, it only took about five minutes for Keelin to return to Freya’s apartment — she made up some crap about having to honor her Hippocratic Oath — and it took even less time for sparks to start flying between them. (Hell, they couldn’t even get through a skirmish against the Hollow without sneaking in a little hand-holding.) Though I admit I was surprised the women didn’t kiss in their last scene together, I’m really enjoying the slow burn of their relationship.

‘WE COULD BE HAPPY’ | If you weren’t already confident in Elijah’s love for Hayley, I have to imagine that their stroll through the bayou — during which he vowed that they could even be happy together “in jean shorts” — set you straight. (Also, I forgive you for doubting them. But don’t ever do it again.) Anyway, it’s a good thing Hayley has a solid support system, because she’ll need it after this week’s big discovery: the Hollow turned Mary’s husband insane and made him kill her parents. In case you need a reminder, this thing is not screwing around.

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