Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Doctor, No!

Agents SHIELD Recap Fitz Kills Agnes

This week on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Skye — er, Daisy — was betrayed by a familiar face, while Jemma, Coulson and Ward laid witness to the unforgiving brutality of Madam Hydra and her No. 2, “The Doctor.”

Having popped up in the back seat of Coulson’s car to say just the right words to scratch an itch his brain alredy had, Daisy was able to convince the “teacher” of the far-out truth, that this Hydra-ruled reality is not a real one. That jibes with what Coulson has always suspected, especially once he stopped using the “blue soap” and started making his own. (OK, maybe he’s a bit nutty.)

When Daisy reported back to “work” at Hydra, she got pulled into a raid on no less than Mack’s house. Returning to the triskelion, Daisy did her best to soothe Mack’s anxious daughter Hope, and then visited Mack himself after his first round of interrogation at the hands of May. Mack discreetly prompted “Skye” to confess her true agenda — that she is really Daisy Johnson, out to undermine Hydra — but that was turned out to be just a trap set by May. Having failed it, Daisy was dealt a brutal beating and then locked up.

Jemma meanwhile introduced Coulson to Ward’s allies among the Resistance, which is based out of the “old” S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ and led by a scruffy Jeffrey Mace. Jemma, however, withheld the complete truth about the Framework reality as they set out to find Radcliffe, who is whiling away his time at some Yemen prison idyllic isle named Ogygia. Confronting the scientist, Jemma’s worst fear was confirmed: Madam Hydra must have sealed off the Framework’s “exit door.” Madam Hydra aka Ophelia meanwhile got wind of Radcliffe’s unexpected visit from the “subversives” and thus paid one of her own, with “The Doctor” in tow.

As Jemma and Ward hid in the bushes, Radcliffe did his best to deny to Madam “Don’t Call Me Aida” Hydra any collusion with subversives, while Fitz held Radcliffe’s wife Agnes at gunpoint. Ward was poised to take out The Doctor with his rifle, but Jemma begged him not to, doing her best to not get into the “alternate reality” of it all. A desperate Radcliffe appealed to Fitz to not kill Agnes, attesting to the father/son-like bond that had on the “other side.” When The Doctor defiantly proceeded to put Agnes down, his own past memories seemingly not roused at all, a distraught Jemma cried out, landing her and Ward in the Hydra soldiers’ cross hairs. They, with Coulson, managed to escape in their stolen Quinjet, while Radcliffe was locked up at Hydra, within wailing distance of Daisy.

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