The Fosters EP Previews Callie's Big Choice, 'Intense' Finale Cliffhanger

The Fosters Spoilers

It’s decision time for the potentially jail-bound Callie during The Fosters‘ Season 4B finale this Tuesday (Freeform, 8/7c).

“We learn at the very beginning of the episode that Callie gets presented with a plea deal, but not a good one,” executive producer Peter Paige previews. “And she has 24 hours to respond because they’re about to go to trial. So the time is now, the pressure is on and the choices are difficult.”

The Fosters SpoilersWith her daughter facing the possibility of time behind bars, Stef is “desperately trying to help Callie before her trial,” while also attempting to bring down Diamond’s pimp at work, the EP shares.

The season ender is no picnic for the rest of the clan, either. “Everyone is engaged in something pretty intense,” Paige says. “Mariana’s secret Twitter account has come out, and the ramifications from that will be felt throughout the family. Jesus seems to be onto the news of Emma’s pregnancy… And Lena is facing the very, very real challenge of watching Anchor Beach potentially turn [into a] private [school].”

It all builds up to a trademark Fosters cliffhanger that will have viewers biting their nails over the hiatus. “It’s an intense one. I’m ready for the hate tweets from the fans,” Paige says with a laugh.

Regardless of how the audience reacts, the EP is “super proud of the finale and the stories that we’re telling. They’re very real and very important,” he adds. “That, sometimes, means they can be very shocking.”

Fosters fans, hit the comments with your hopes for the season finale.

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