Imposters Bosses Tease Maddie Reveal — Plus: Watch Ezra Confront His 'Wife'

Imposters Spoilers

The con is on during Tuesday’s Imposters season finale (Bravo, 10/9c) — but it won’t go off without a twist or two as the unlikely quintet of Maddie, Ezra, Richard, Jules and Max plots the ultimate scheme.

“All these different people and aspiring con artists have collided,” co-creator Paul Adelstein describes. “They’ve all had to join forces to try to take down the Doctor and evade the FBI at the same time. Can it be done? Tune in to find out… and learn something about mysterious Maddie’s true identity.”

Speaking of the femme fatale, her relationship with conned hubby Ezra “comes to a head” during the episode, Adelstein previews. “Ezra’s always wondered who this person really is who’s broken his heart. We’ve seen Ezra grow and change over the course of the season. Will he still fall under her sway? Is he still in love with her? Is he just going along for the con?”

Meanwhile, Maddie is “intrigued by this new Ezra,” Adelstein says. “It’s really changed her view of him. For someone who’s been looking for something real, something normal, is he maybe the one who can provide it? She felt like she could really reveal herself with Patrick, but obviously, she was burned by that. Maybe Ezra is the person she can really tell her story to and really show the real Maddie to?”

Adds co-creator Adam Brooks: “But both of those things come at a cost, because they don’t know if they can trust one another, ultimately. There’s always been something between them. It’s been, in some strange way, rekindled in the last couple of episodes. But what could it possibly mean after all the betrayals that have happened?”

One thing it means: Ezra believes he knows Maddie better than she knows herself, as witnessed in the below exclusive video from Tuesday’s finale. Press PLAY to find out what Ezra thinks gets his so-called wife off as a con artist, then hit the comments with your thoughts.