Love Connection Sneak Peek: Watch Andy Cohen Push Daters for Details

Tired of being single? Well, maybe Andy Cohen can help you find love — in front of a live studio audience.

Fox is bringing back the classic dating show Love Connection this summer, and we get our first good look at the reboot (premiering Thursday, May 25) in the just-released preview above. We’re clearly a long way away from the ’80s Chuck Woolery-hosted original; the new Love Connection is filmed on a futuristic Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-esque set, with new host Cohen matching up singles using a giant video screen. (No chintzy “click-click-click” sound effects here!)

But Cohen is clearly in his element: He’s perfected his dirt-digging skills by hosting years and years of Real Housewives reunions, and he knows how to get to the good stuff. He tells one guy his dating problems might stem from the fact that he’s been “dating” his cat for the last three years. (Um…) And he comes after a woman who claims she gave her date “a little peck,” but the video evidence proves otherwise: “You lied to me!” Any Housewife can tell you: Do not lie to Andy Cohen.

Press PLAY on the video above to get a sneak peek at Fox’s all-new Love Connection, then hit the comments and tell us: Will you make a date to watch?

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