Prison Break Recap: Did Fox Thriller's Revival Hit the Ground Running?

Prison Break Recap Michael Alive

Michael Scofield is alive and… fibbing?

As Fox’s Prison Break revival got underway this Tuesday night, we almost immediately spied the Fox River 8’s brilliant ringleader holed up in a grim foreign prison, where his picture was being taken with a makeshift camera. Some time later, the notorious Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell was being released from the aforementioned Illinois hoosegow when he received one final bit of mail — a manila envelope with eye-opening contents.

After being chased down the streets of Chicago by thugs to whom he apparently owes a nice chunk of change, Lincoln Burrows found T-Bag on his modest home’s doorstep, wielding said envelope. Urged to take a gander, Lincoln pulled out a provocative, grainy snapshot of dearly departed Michael, behind bars somewhere. Lincoln rightly suspected T-Bag of working an  angle, but the one-handed bandit insisted the well-postmarked package was legit, their lives fated to stay intertwined.

Lincoln traveled to Ithaca, N.Y. to deftly loop in Sara, who has remarried (and whose son Michael idolizes his “mythological” father). Sara refuses to believe that Michael is alive, let alone that he would keep that fact from her for seven years. Lincoln too has doubts — until, after uncovering the hidden word “OGYGIA” beneath Michael’s photo, as in the name of a Yemen prison — he takes it upon himself to dig up his brother’s grave, only to find an empty suit. Afterward, a mystery man hacks Lincoln’s car, compromising the controls until Lincoln steers himself through a guardrail and off a small cliff into a lake. Catapulting through the windshield midair, Linc survives, then hides from his attacker. Lincoln alerts Sara to the threat on his life just as an icy, pistol-packing blonde infiltrates Sara’s house, putting a bullet in her husband Jacob’s leg before being scared off by approaching sirens.

Speaking of appendages: T-Bag celebrated his freedom by cruising his email for prison groupies, but instead found he had an after-hours appointment with a “Dr. Whitcombe,” a cutting-edge researcher who has been retained by a mysterious “Outis” (meaning: “no one”) to outfit the ex-inmate with a next-gen prosthetic.

Resolved to getting at the truth — especially after learning that Michael Scofield has been “erased from history” — Lincoln made tracks for Yemen with C-Note, who now is the respected leader of an Islamic center, has “contacts who have contacts” and, for good measure, can speak a bit of Arabic. (Michael’s “best friend” Sucre, alas, is tasked with riding the pine for now.) Upon arriving in the infighting-ravaged Arab country, Lincoln and C-Note hitched a ride with the wrong driver, who led them to an ambush, though they were able to fight their way out of it (“Greetings from the U.S. prison system, bitches”). Their proper contact, Sheba, then arrived on the scene to whisk them away to something resembling safety, where Lincoln was told that the “price” for visiting Michael is his U.S. passport.

Linc gladly gave up his “ticket home,” despite C-Note’s warnings, and then paid a visit to Ogygia prison. There, he came face to face with a man who sure as hell looks just like his brother, save for some (conspicuous?) “new tats” on his hands.

Indeed, this prisoner — who goes by “Kaniel Outis,” as in the name of an incarcerated, infamous, ISIS-sympathizing terrorist — insists, “My name isn’t Michael. And I don’t know who you are,” before abruptly walking away.

What did you think of the new Prison Break‘s kickoff? Why is Michael languishing in prison under a terrorist’s name? And why would he have kept his “alive”-ness secret all this time?


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