Legends of Tomorrow Finale Recap: Who Died? Who Left the Team? And What Might Season 3 Look Like?

Legends of Tomorrow Recap Finale Deaths

Double trouble was the theme of Legends of Tomorrow‘s Season 2 finale, as the version of team that just lost Amaya as well as the Spear of Destiny traveled back to 1916 — at risk of interacting with their other selves.

But first, they needed Rip and the Waverider, unaware (as was he) that he and the ship had been shrunk to the size of a toy. To solve that problem, they storm S.T.A.R. Labs to get Ray’s exosuit and use it to size-up the ship, then sail it through the building’s roof and off to 1916.

Once there/then, Ray easily enough digs up the blood of Christ from the battlefield— only to have Thawne arrive on the scene, steal it back, and then rip the Atom’s heart out.

In the wake of that major setback, the desperate Plan B is for Rip, Nate and Mick to sneak aboard the other Waverider and steal the Spear from the other team. But soon enough, the other Sara gets wind of “imposters” being in play, and she orders them KO’d. After the other Rip realizes that the prisoners are the real deal, everyone agrees to work together. (Along the way, the Saras mull the danger of either of them being in charge of the Spear, while our Nate advises the other to open up to Amaya about how he feels.)

When the Legion shows up to attack, the two teams attempt a time jump together, but the “time storm” created by their breaking of the cardinal rule of time travel crashes the ship. They then plot to race to the other Waverider, knowing that the future versions of themselves are basically dispensable. As such, Mick gets an icicle driven through his belly by Snart; Darhk runs his sword through Nate; and both Jaxes take an arrow from Malcolm, one fatally. In the end, as Thawne corrals dozens of Reverse-Flashes for backup, the other Sara is left standing with the Spear, which she debates using, worrying that the darkness inside her will lead her astray. But when a hand-off to Amaya fails — and with encouragement from Rip — Sara fires up the Spear… and lands in her sister Laurel’s living room for Movie Night. After Laurel confirms that the moment is not real, Sara grapples with whether it could be, if she chooses to undo all the suffering she has endured — from The Gambit to Lian Yu to her sister’s death.

When Sara invites Laurel to be the one to use the Spear, her sister explains that the Spear “doesn’t need someone pure of heart, but someone strong enough to do the right thing. It needs you.” “Even if it means never having you back?,” Sara asks. “I’m never too far away,” Laurel answers, as they tearfully hug.

When Sara snaps out of it, Thawne snatches the Spear back from her on the battlefield. Thing is, one change Sara did make with the Spear was to depower it. Oh, and she also sicced Black Flash on the speedster, paving the way for Thawne’s re-death/disintegration.

Afterward, Malcolm gets dropped back in 2017 (“in his crappy apartment”), Mick leaves a mind-wiped Snart in 2014 (to elect not to join up with the Legion) and Darhk is damned to dress like Don Johnson in 1987. Amaya notes that with the mission over, she is due to return to 1942 — at which point Nate expresses his desire to join her. But Amaya doesn’t want to go back to 1942, believing that her destiny can wait for her. So she stays put, pulling Nate into a big ol’ kiss.

Sara catches Rip slinking out off to the jump ship with his bag packed. He explains that the team did fine without him, and that Sara is a better captain than he ever was — hell, she even saved reality itself! Everyone else then prepares to indulge Mick’s wish to chill in Aruba, but a lingering time storm sends the Waverider careening into Los Angeles circa 2017… where a mish-mash of time has occurred, leaving dinosaurs to waddle between Victorian England clock towers and futuristic skyscrapers.

Which is kind of a “So…?” cliffhanger, and doesn’t really set up a compelling Season 3, but maybe it won’t be so much about chasing T-Rexes but “correcting” this temporal upchuck.

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