iZombie Video: Blaine Offers Peyton 'Comfort' Before Posing a Big Question

iZombie amnesiac Blaine has a very important and loaded question for Peyton in this exclusive video from tonight’s Season 3 premiere (The CW, 9/8c): “Were we a couple?”

While the answer is technically “no” — it was just a hook-up… with feelings? — the way people have been talking about the pair’s relationship has left Blaine very confused. And the above sweet moment isn’t going to help uncomplicate things between the former baddie and Peyton.

After apologizing for endangering her life, Blaine tells Peyton, “If you’re ever feeling jumpy or whatever, call me. I’ll come over.”

“If you had your memory, you’d understand how ironic your offer is — calling Blaine DeBeers for comfort and protection,” she replies.

Speaking of memories, newly promoted series regular Aly Michalka believes Peyton has her doubts about Blaine’s amnesia, but “she knows how much he’s sacrificed to help her,” the actress says. “I think she looks [past her uncertainty] because of that. Liv is maybe a little more in doubt, Ravi is a little more in doubt, but Peyton is a little more confident that he is a good guy, has changed his ways, and he’s not going to go back to what he used to do.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts: Are you rooting for Peyton and Blaine?

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