Why Is Flash's Frost a Killer? Another Supernatural Spinoff? Fave Time-Travel Device? Bates Miscast? And More Qs

The Flash Killer Frost

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Bones, black-ish and Supernatural!

Once Upon a Time1 | On Once Upon a Time, the way Tinker Bell’s eyes never met Regina’s or followed Regina as she moved…. Did guest star Rose McIver “green screen” her scenes separately?

2 | For those who were still watching Time After Time: Wasn’t the casting of Cameron Cuffe as John’s son pretty spot-on?

3 | On Big Little Lies, how did Bonnie find out the truth about Abigail’s secret project? And after this week’s installment, can we get a pre-show warning on all TV episodes in which a character barfs? (Especially if it’s bright green?)

4 | What compelled Homeland‘s Saul to break into Carrie’s house when he saw she wasn’t home? And does a paranoid CIA analyst like Carrie really not have a password on her laptop?

5 | Are you hoping Katie Cassidy’s return to Arrow as Black Siren means the show is finally going to give us a female Big Bad?

6 | Was Supergirl‘s Alex surprisingly chill about the revelation that Maggie cheated on her ex-girlfriend? Any fans notice that Alex not only traveled to the DEO but also changed clothes during the time it took superfast Kara to return from the Fortress of Solitude? And did anyone not see Queen Rhea’s stabbing of Lar Gand coming a mile away?

Bates Motel Rihanna Marion Crane7 Wouldn’t Bates Motel have better served its audience and Psycho’s legacy by casting an actual actress — instead of a gorgeous-yet-spiritless, monotone music-video performer — as Marion Crane?

8 | Did The Flash reveal Season 4’s non-speedster baddie, with Kadabra’s reference to DeVoe aka The Thinker? Upon hearing that Hamilton tickets are now on the line, is Barry more determined than ever to save Iris? Meanwhile, TVLine reader abz asks: “Has it been established why [Caitlin’s] meta powers have to turn her evil whereas Cisco’s don’t?”

9 | Did Legends of Tomorrow‘s Doomworld Sara/Amaya remind you of Gotham‘s Babs and Tabs? Did a long-haired Nate remind you of Leverage’s Eliot? And if the Legion of Doom could rewrite reality to their liking via the Spear of Destiny, why did they create a world in which vigilantes still exist?

10 | What was the bigger leap: that Bones‘ Jeffersonian team would be allowed back into a recently bombed, nearly collapsed structure to do their work, or that the “repairs” (new roof included!) would take just “weeks,” to hear Booth tell it? And is it too soon to be talking about annual Bones TV movies?


11 | Were any Switched at Birth fans thinking, “I wonder what Simone is up to…”?

12 | Why couldn’t Arrow‘s Felicity just hack Oliver’s new security protocols to get into the lair and at least grab some supplies? Or did she just not want a full-on confrontation?

13 | Given the Madea digs in this week’s black-ish, can we assume there’s no love lost between black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Tyler Perry? Or was Dre’s subtle wink proof that all the jabs were in good fun?

14 | Designated Survivor‘s President Moss: sincere savior or wannabe puppet master? Also, did you get goosebumps when Kiefer Sutherland’s character was given a 24-hour deadline?The Americans

15 | Did this week’s The Americans have three different characters call Henry by his name in a scene… because we wouldn’t have recognized him otherwise? (Did he grow another foot between episodes?!)

16 | Grey’s Anatomy tearjerker — manipulative, effective… or both?

17 | On Supernatural, did Mick’s mention of a Hogwarts-like school for the British Men of Letters sound like a good potential spinoff?

18 | Was Veronica’s comment to Betty on Riverdale about conflicting invitations to fancy parties being a real problem totally tone-deaf?

19 | Shouldn’t SNL‘s Beck Bennett get a cut of what ever Alec Baldwin’s Boss Baby grosses at the weekend box office?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

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