Comedy Central Teases New Late-Night Show Hosted by... Donald Trump?

Is Chris Hardwick getting bumped by President Donald Trump?

Comedy Central on Thursday issued a cryptic press release touting The President Show. The bulletin featured the presidential seal and read, “Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it,” and included the following Twitter handle: @PresidentShow. The account’s bio reads as follows:

#1 show on television, many many millions of viewers. Hosted by @LateNightDonald. Bringing AMERICAN JOBS back to late night.

The linked @LateNightDonald account is also active, with tweets dating back to Tuesday, March 21. The account promises to “Make Night Late Again,” with Donald asserting that he’ll be “the most terrific, luxurious, fantastic late night show you’ve ever seen. It’ll be Arsenio x10!” The account also takes jabs at other prominent late-night hosts, including John Oliver, Samantha Bee, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon.

It is unclear when we’ll learn more about The President Show, but it’s safe to say it’ll feature a Trump impersonator as its host. The show could be Comedy Central’s answer for the 11:30 pm time slot, which was vacated by Larry Wilmore in August 2016 following the abrupt cancellation of The Nightly Show. Hardwick’s @Midnight has since aired at 11:30 pm, but was always considered a temporary fix. At the time, the basic cabler released a statement indicating that a replacement for Wilmore would be announced sometime in 2017.

Let the speculation begin! What do you make of Comedy Central’s big tease? Would you watch a late-night talk show hosted by a POTUS impersonator, or would the schtick get old real quick?

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