Supergirl Recap: The Parents' Trap

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl started off sappier than a stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup — ironically the only dish missing from the lavish breakfast-in-bed Mon-El prepared for Kara.

But things took a grim turn when it was discovered that a sizable bounty had been placed on Kara’s head, and guess who put it there? I’ll give you a hint: Their names rhyme with “Shmon-El’s Mom” and “Shmon-El’s Dad.” Though they initially denied these allegations during a trip to Mon-El’s bar (“You work here? As a servant?”), the truth was eventually revealed — as were Rhea’s true feelings about Supergirl — when Mon-El’s mom decided to take a Kryptonite dagger to the Face of Steel.

In exchange for sparing Kara’s life, Mon-El agreed to join the king and queen on their four-year (!) trip back to Daxam, but in an extremely relatable twist, tensions rose between Mon-El and his parents almost immediately into the family road trip; first came a slap from Rhea, then a relocation to the royal dungeon. (I get that she’s playing a villain, but we’re all loving Teri Hatcher on this show, right? I need the next addition to the Arrow-verse to be a Real Housewives of Daxam prequel.)

Fortunately, Mon-El’s “real” family wasn’t quite ready to let him go just yet. Implementing a clever bait-and-switch — in which J’onn disguised himself as Kara — the gang was able to liberate Mon-El and convince his parents to let him stay without interference. … Well, one of his parents, anyway. In the episode’s final moments, Rhea lashed out at Lar Gand (“You betrayed me, my love”) and delivered a fatal stab to his abdomen before setting her sights back on Earth. (Again, I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m loving this character.)

Speaking of situations that fluctuated between sappy and soggy, Alex and Maggie bumped into Maggie’s ex-girlfriend Emily on their way out of couple’s yoga — and for reasons unknown to anyone who’s ever met their partner’s ex, Alex insisted that they all get together for dinner. (Seriously, what?) When Emily eventually stood them up on their awkward date, Alex tracked her down for an apology… and got a history lesson instead.

After learning that Maggie cheated on Emily, Alex sat her girlfriend down for a little therapy lesson. Like most of the developments in Maggie’s life, her past with Emily wasn’t something she felt comfortable facing — which is exactly why she needed to do it. And she did. And now all is well in Sanvers-ville. Phew.

OK, let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s episode — including your theories about Madam President’s out-of-this-world twist. (She’s definitely an alien!) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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