Big Little Lies Finale Preview: What Clues Does It Offer About Whodunit?

Warning: This post contains speculation about Sunday’s Big Little Lies finale. If you’ve read the book, please do not spoil anything in the comments.

We’re down to just one episode left in HBO’s fascinating miniseries Big Little Lies, with lots and lots of lingering questions still left unanswered: Who died? Who killed them? Who’s Ziggy’s father? Who’s hurting Amabella?

For all you BLL obsessives out there, HBO has released a nearly minute-long preview for Sunday’s finale — which you can watch above — and we thought we’d comb through it for clues about the big reveals to come. So press PLAY on the video above, and then dive in with us:

0:01: Ed shaved his beard! He looks much better, doesn’t he? Will that help heal his marital rift with Madeline?

0:08: A tense standoff at the “Elvis & Audrey” fundraiser between Jane, Madeline, Celeste and Renata, followed by Renata’s husband threatening Jane with a restraining order. Maybe these two moms didn’t make up after all?

0:15: Ed asks Madeline, “What is going on with you?” before she tells her spurned lover Joseph, “You’ve gone so far in the direction of wrong.” He replies, “Oh yeah? Then why are you here?” Yeah, why is she there?

0:19: Madeline tenderly hugs Jane. Is it just us, or does this look like it’s happening after the murder? Does that mean Celeste (and Perry) are the ones directly involved?

0:29: Celeste kisses Perry as her therapist tells her, “Your husband is ill… but so are you.” Then a shot of Celeste crying on the floor as she says, “I kept saying, ‘He’s gonna change. You’ve got to stay.'” Hmmm… we’re thinking he hasn’t changed.

0:35: Shots from the fundraiser, including Bonnie singing (!) and Celeste slapping at a sideburn-wearing Perry. A voiceover that sounds like Celeste says, “We all do bad things sometimes.” Does her pent-up rage boil over in front of everyone?

So, wild speculation time: I’m theorizing that Celeste fights back against Perry and kills him somehow. And that’s because — dun-dun-dun — she finds out that Perry is the one who raped and impregnated Jane. (We’ve never seen Jane and Perry in the same room, so it’s possible she’s never seen him before the fundraiser.) That shocking revelation is enough to push Celeste over the edge… and Perry over the cliff.

Now it’s your turn: What are your Big Little Lies theories? Drop ’em in a comment below — and, again, if you’ve read the book: No spoilers, please! 

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