New Girl to Reveal Schmidt's First Name — What Could It Possibly Be?!

This better not be one of those classic Winston and Cece mess-arounds!

Fox on Saturday released a promo for the second-to-last episode of New Girl Season 6 (airing Tuesday at 8/7c), which teases the reveal of Schmidt’s first name. According to the man himself, it might just be “the worst name in the history of names.”

If you have any doubt that a reveal is actually going to happen, look no further than series star Hannah Simone’s most recent tweet (which includes the aforementioned promo for your viewing pleasure):

Per Fox, the episode finds Schmidt grappling with the idea of using his first name — and features more flashbacks to Fat Schmidt. [Insert person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration emoji here.] Also in “San Diego”: Jess and her dad help each other with their love lives, while Nick turns to Aly for advice on Reagan.

The reveal of Schmidt’s first name could be construed as just another sign that New Girl is tying up all loose ends in case this turns out to be the final season. Series star Jake Johnson recently expressed doubt about the series’ renewal odds.

Have at it, New Girl fans: What do you think Schmidt’s first name could be? Speculate amongst yourselves below.

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