Bill Maher Responds to AHCA Failure: Trump Supporters 'Taken by a Conman'

Bill Maher wasted no time tearing into President Donald Trump on Friday, using his end-of-show “New Rules” segment to suggest that POTUS’ most devoted supporters continue to get “taken by a conman.”

Going live just hours after Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and told him to withdraw the bill for the American Health Care Act, a potential Obamacare replacement which was unlikely to receive a simple majority vote, the Real Time host argued that it was time for Trump enthusiasts to admit that they made a huge mistake in November. He then played a series of clips from the 2016 campaign trail, including one where Trump promised voters that “you’re going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that is going to take place immediately.” Yeah, about that…

“He promised, and I quote, ‘We’re going to have insurance for everybody… much less expensive and much better,’ but when we saw the [AHCA] bill, it was a giant tax cut for the rich paid for by kicking 24 million people off of their health insurance,” Maher said. “What a truly novel approach to making health care less expensive: Saving money by not giving people healthcare. It’s like saving money on your kids’ education by letting them stay home and watch Judge Judy.”

Maher then pointed out Trump’s promise to get high drug costs “so far lower than they are now [that] your head will spin,” and teased the president for his alleged “dealmaking superpowers” that have instead been used to make deals with pharmaceutical execs to cut regulations.

“He promised the Keystone Pipeline would be built with American steel — it won’t. He promised to be the savior for coalminers, but here was the headline last month,” Maher said, before pointing out that POTUS’ newly proposed budget will have a damaging effect on West Virginia’s economy, where the coal mining industry once thrived. “I would say Trump is a used car salesman, but with a used car salesman at least you get a car. With Trump you don’t get any car, but you definitely get taken for a ride.”

Watch Maher’s “New Rules” segment above.

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