The Originals Recap: The Escape Klaus

The Originals Recap

Rescuing Klaus proved a little trickier — and a lot bloodier — than expected on Friday’s The Originals.

With Josh as their only ally in town — mostly because they politely agreed not to murder his new boyfriend — the Mikaelsons quickly got to work, moving quietly through the tunnels to find their missing sibling. Naturally, Rebekah was selected to distract Marcel while the others attempted to free Klaus, a reunion that led to some painful exchanges, including, “I was a fool for loving you.” (Ouch! … I mean, it’s true, but still.)

Of course, Klaus wasn’t totally alone before his siblings arrived. He spent much of the hour arguing with Cami (aka himself) about what kind of an influence he might be on his daughter. “Perhaps I’m better as a myth,” he conceded. “And Hope is better off without me.” Fortunately, Cami has always been able to get through to Klaus — even when she’s not really there — so he eventually accepted that, flaws and all, his daughter still needs him.

(Side note: Even as a hallucination, I’m glad we got to experience one more therapy session between Klaus and Cami. They really did have a Beauty and the Beast-style relationship, one that I’ll always miss.)

The Mikaelsons thought they were finally in the clear, especially after Klaus stuck Marcel with Papa Tunde’s blade, though they apparently forgot one little thing: Marcel ain’t no regular vampire anymore! Whatever he is now (Super-Saiyan Vampire?!), he managed to yank out the blade with relative ease, then track down the First Family of Vampirism on its way out of town.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised that Marcel let them all leave without a fight. Maybe everyone on the show has matured over the past five years. (Well, everyone except Kol. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy his little dig at Marcel: “Oh, for God’s sake, you were never a Mikaelson. Get over it!”)

And for an episode rife with pain and drama, the hour ended on a refreshingly touching note: Klaus looking on as his little girl slept. Aww.

Other things worth discussing:

* Kol’s love for Davina was always what made him relatable to me, so I’m glad the show is honoring that — even after her death. I also appreciated the Aiden shout-out as Josh assured him that he’ll feel “normal” again someday.

* What the eff attacked Vincent in that scary house?! I’m glad he knows what it is, but it would be lovely if he could clue us in, too.

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Hopes for the rest of Season 4? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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