The 100 Recap: A Little Fall of Rain

The 100 Recap

If you’ve always wondered what the stars of The 100 would look like stripped down and soaked in water, you probably had a field day during Wednesday’s episode.

Sadly, it wasn’t a boy-girl pool party that resulted in Skaikru’s disrobing, but rather an unexpected shower of deadly black rain, one which depleted Arkadia’s water supply — and led to an unlikely romantic pairing.

You know what, let’s just get that part out of the way: After seeking shelter in a cave, Octavia took Ilian as her first post-Lincoln lover, resulting in one of the series’ saddest sexual encounters thus far. “Just make me feel something else,” she begged after he stopped her from taking a suicidal stroll through the rain.

But Octavia and Ilian’s time together was about much more than sex. Discussing their shared histories of tragedy helped Octavia to realize that people can change, a discovery she proved by dropping her weapons and joining Ilian on his journey home. (To hammer their connection even further, Ilian mentioned that you follow the setting sun to reach his village, which means he and Octavia literally rode off into the sunset together.)

Of course, Octavia and Ilian had a good night compared to practically everyone else. Not only was Bellamy unable to rescue several people in need — watching him deliver that bad news wins the episode’s Gut-Wrenching Moment Award™ — but Clarke & Co. were attacked by a rabid Grounder from Emori’s past!

Fortunately, that last part has something of a silver lining: With this new Grounder in captivity, Abby has someone to use as a guinea pig for her night blood experiments — though that comes with its own set of existential crises for Abby and the others to suffer through. (Do you remember a time when anyone on this show was just… happy?)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Are you also dying to know where the set-dressing department bought all those comfortable-looking pillows? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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