Being Mary Jane Finale: Was MJ's Victory Worth the 'Collateral Damage'?

Being Mary Jane Finale

Being Mary Jane‘s titular news lady ended Tuesday’s midseason finale exactly where she wanted to be — but it’s the how of it all that had fans wishing they could reach into their TVs and shake her back to her senses (as we so often do).

Before we dig into the Queen of Self-Sabotage’s latest missteps, though, let’s talk about what Mary Jane did right this week: Following the discovery that the “victim” in Ronda’s cyberbullying story turned out to be a fraud — she posted her own texts online, something Justin apparently knew all along — the face of Great Day USA was suspended, leaving her anchor chair open for a certain “online correspondent” to swoop in. And swoop in she did.

Of course, there was some “collateral damage” MJ didn’t see coming, like Kara being suspended for not properly vetting Ronda’s follow-up piece before taking it to air. (I guess the silver lining there is that Kara, at her lowest point, finally admitted to herself that she belonged with Orlando. I love them together, and I was happy that the episode ended with their reunion… even under the circumstances.)

MJ was also seemingly surprised by Justin’s advances in the studio, though I’m pretty sure she’s the only one. Still, I don’t know what made me more nervous — the fact that they had sex on the anchor desk, or that she thought nothing of boning her producer in a room full of cameras. (I mean, hasn’t the Patterson family gone viral enough this season?)

And then there was Lee: All hell broke loose earlier in the episode when he accidentally dropped the T-word (“trapped!”) during a conversation about not wanting children on multiple continents. And when I say “all hell,” I mean all hell — plus a flying tea cup! (As someone who just saw Beauty and the Beast a few days ago, my first thought was, “What if that had been Chip?” And my second thought was, “She should have thrown back the vibrator he handed her at the top of the hour. Like, beam him right in the head with it.”)

“I want you to be a man with backbone who is as passionate about what he wants as I am!” she yelled, to which he replied, “Who are you kidding? You’d run that man and every other one away.” Cue the flying tea cup, paired with an “asshole!” for good measure.

“Good luck with your bloody job,” Lee said as he stormed out of MJ’s apartment, possibly for the last time. (I know he was being sarcastic, but given this week’s developments, she can use all the luck she can get.)

Your thoughts on Mary Jane‘s roller coaster of a finale? Are you firmly on #TeamLee or #TeamJustin? #TeamMaryJane, even?Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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