The Originals Spoilers

The Originals Photos: Cami's Memory Offers Klaus 'Solace and Relief'

Two of the most important women in Klaus’ life return to The Originals on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), though they do so by very different means.

As previously confirmed to TVLine by executive producer Michael Narducci, this week’s episode features the long-awaited — though, sadly, hallucinated — appearance of Leah Pipes as the late, great Camille O’Connell. New photos released Monday by The CW offer another look at that reunion, which is guaranteed to pack an emotional punch.

“Klaus is going to be experiencing this terrible torment,” Narducci explained, “and one of the moments of solace and relief that he gets is conjuring this memory of this person who meant so, so much to him.”

These new photos also give us our first look at Rebekah in Season 4 — including her less-than-romantic reunion with Marcel. (Remember when those two were crazy about each other?) As Narducci previously told us, we’ll have Claire Holt “for about half the season. Rebekah has an incredible journey to go on.”

Browse these new Originals photos — you can click here for direct access to the gallery — then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Val M says:

    Cami is only back to be Klaus therapist one more time, it never was about her character.

    • Sharon says:

      That’s all she was ever good for, to listen to Klaus whine and cry and she could say awe it’s ok you had a bad childhood. Her character never had any real development outside of Klaus. I for one am so glad that she is gone.

    • Jane says:

      Saying she meant “So, So much to him doesn’t make it so. Klaus said plenty of romantic crep to many girls before, Aurora included. But his love is all about actions. Klaus compelled Camille to date & sleep with Marcel in S01. And then even in S03, when Camille asked to kill Aurora, he didn’t. When Lucien bit her to lure him out, Klaus stayed safe in his home till Lucien threatened Rebekah. So no, I could never buy this Klamille nonsense, poor girl, wasted character.

      • Gift says:

        Hahaha not bad at all.

      • Stacey says:

        So true Jane!! She was just a boring LI that assuaged Klaus of his wrong doings instead of calling him out and making him a better person.

        • Jane says:

          Agree, Caroline called him on all the tricks he tried to pull. She was rough with him and occasionally he rebelled and stubbed her. And then he’d make these puppy eyes asking to forgive him, but then he’d kill her bf’s mother… but then he’d risk his family safety to help Caroline… and so on and on, up and down… Is it toxic? Sure, like any other supernatural ship in TVD universe. But this Klaroline relationship is so true to both: Klaus and Caroline’s characters. There is an obvious connection there and both of them admitted that it’s there and it’s strong. And with time (from S03 tvd, SEASONS went by) Klaus did more and more good for her. Without making it her purpose, Caroline is bringing this out of Klaus, slowly, gradually. This is how you tame a beast without turning him into a bunny. Klamille barely ever made sense and was destructive for both characters, from start to finish.

        • Ewww, Caroline says:

          I think you’re confusing Cami for Caroline, the original boring LI.


        Caroline was a five minute infatuation. He got over it.
        Camille was someone who he came to respect (and that’s a short list) and who was his friend, long before they became anything else.
        I know the KC shippers are sore over the end of their ship (Plec has said that Caroline won’t even appear in Season 4), but get over yourselves.

        • Jane says:

          Loosing your ship clearly didn’t go without consequences for your mental health. Sick help Klami troll. Aaand unsubscribe…

        • I agree Klaus and Camille were definitely falling in love – Klaus was devastated when she died. What he HAD w/Caroline was only a infatuation and they got it out of their system when they finally had sex. What he had w/Camille was deeper b/c Cami wanted to really know/understand Klaus b/c that is how much she cared about him and he opened up to Cami which he did not do w/Caroline. Besides the love of Caroline’s life will always be her HUSBAND who sacrificed himself so that everyone could live – Stefan/Caroline were so perfect together and I love them and will miss TVD b/c of them. Klaus/Cami had a wonderful connection and definitely were fallen in love!

        • Tracy says:

          I agree! Caroline has NEVER chose Klaus. Episode one TVD she always wanted Stefan… I hope she never shows up in NOLA, the only time she contacts Klaus, is when she needs something… Cami never needed Klaus, he needed her, and even in his darkest time he thought of her, and not Caroline… I’m not bitter, because I know the endgame has always been Klaus and Hayley…. and that’s the way it’ll play out. Elijah is changing, becoming dark, Hayley won’t like it. He possibly may even die this season, leaving Klaus and Hayley to seek comfort in each other…

  2. Katrina says:

    When’s Caroline coming back???

    • Jenny says:

      NEVER !!!

      • Jane says:

        You’ll be disappointed. Again

        • Jenny says:

          “Fans have been wondering if Caroline will show up on The Originals in season 4 since The Vampire Diaries is over, and Julie Plec isn’t ruling out — but there’s a catch. She told The Hollywood Reporter that Caroline and Klaus wouldn’t be coming face-to-face this season.”

          Yeah, not the one going to be disappointed. Enjoy the season.

          • Gift says:

            Of cause we will

          • Claire says:

            And if you think Camille has a bigger chance in coming back alive in the show, I’m sorry it seems even more improbable. Between a dead ghost memory and a living and available person, you know the odds. You see, some fans once stated that TO is better for them because it doesn’t do all those dying-and-coming-back-alive-repeatedly thing like TVD did. And after that, the same people started asking for the return of dead Camille and Davina to the show. At the beginning of the show, some said they oppose Klaroline because they prefer a TO with less so called high school immature romance and root for a family/ actions theme orientated TO. And later on, all sorts of ships and ships war including Klamille came out from them. I am one who strongly support people to voice out their opinions when fit, but aren’t what they do paradoxical and somewhat hypocritical?

          • Claire says:

            And if you think Camille has a greater chance in coming back alive in the show, I’m sorry it’s even less probable. Between a dead ghost memory and a living and available person, you know the odds. You see, some fans once stated that they think TO is better for them because it doesn’t do the die-and-coming-back-alive repeatedly thing like TVD did. And after that, the same people started asking for the return of dead Camille and Davina to the show. At the beginning of the show, some said they oppose Klaroline because they don’t want the so called high school immature romance in the show and root for a family/actions theme orientated TO without romance emphasized. And after that, all sorts of ships fandom and wars including Klamille came out from them. I am one who support people to voice out their opinions when fit, but aren’t what they do and say paradoxical?

  3. Angelfan says:

    Please let Rebekah gain the humanity she has wanted. Also wouldn’t mind more of her friendship with Matt.

  4. I absolutely agree with Val M. It was never about Cami and that was the reason I could never believe this ship.

  5. Gift says:

    I’m glad Rebekah is returning. of Cami is just a therapist to Klaus. she knew nd understood klaus, that’s why they were together not because of one mighty love. Not bad she is just hallucination. can’t wait!

  6. Gift says:

    I’m glad Rebekah is returning. of cause Cami is just a therapist to Klaus. she knew nd understood klaus, that’s why they were together not because of one mighty love. Not bad she is just hallucination. can’t wait!

  7. Tina says:

    Let MN have his dreams, Klaroline is endgame. TVD confirmed it. Bye Felicia. Glad you won’t be around for season 5.

    • Caroline getting a check from eternal stalker Klaus =/= Klaroline being endgame. Candice won’t be around this season, and they don’t even know if TO will be renewed / Candice will agree to reprise her role one/two years from now.
      As far as we are all concerned, Steroline was TVD’s endgame. Klaroline could be TO’s, but it has a long way to go.

  8. Amanda says:


  9. KB says:

    Still miss Cami, they really did her wrong… I don’t think I’d have turned her into a vampire, but she and Klaus made a really good couple. The writers could’ve done something with her but they chose not to which is their loss…

    • Lucy says:

      They would never work, she’s human and would die, she sucked as a vampire, while Klaus enjoys being an Original Hybrid and wouldn’t kill give that up. It’s the same issue why Steroline wouldn’t of worked.

    • Monica says:

      I agree. Klaus and Cami were great together and they finally adjusted to her turn only for her to die again. The writers messed up.

  10. Stacey says:

    Yay Rebekah, missed her so much! I’ll just flashforward through the Cami scenes, can’t stand the character, or the acting tbh. I can’t wait to see Klaus finally reunited with his family!

  11. Oncer says:

    It will be nice to see Cami again, i miss her, she and Klaus were good together, she understood him, didn’t try to judge him, she made him smile and he trusted her with his daughter, he wanted to be a better man when around her, even if Caroline came over to the Originals what would her purpose be, she dosn’t like Klaus, she couldn’t understand why Elena chose Damon over Stefan in season 4 and Klaus is kinda worse than Damon, Caroline wants a good guy wich Stefan was.

    • Val M. says:

      “she understood him, didn’t try to judge him” So Caroline, the difference, it’s not about “judge” it’s about excused him, which Camille did and Caroline didn’t, and TBH Klaus needs someone to call him out.

      “she made him smile” So Caroline, Aurora, Genevieve and even Hayley, so next.

      “he trusted her with his daughter” So Caroline, with the letter on TVD is clear that Caroline did something for Klaus related to Hope.

      “he wanted to be a better man when around her” so with Caroline.

      “Caroline came over to the Originals what would her purpose be” With the potential that the school brings, a role that is much more than a love interest as Camile was.

      “she doesn’t like Klaus” Try again, after seeing season 4, 5 and recently s8 finale.

      “Klaus is kinda worse than Damon” with facts what make you think that (maybe Damon raping Caroline isn’t as bad as you think?).

      “Caroline wants a good guy wich Stefan was.” Are you talking the “good guy” Stefan the ripper, just to keep in mind, he didn’t always have his ´humanity off when he was the Ripper, he has a choice or did he have a excuse just because the ripper? like a some excuses abusers just because they’re drunk.

      • Hayley says:

        Honestly why does someone being genuinely excited about their fav character being back threaten you so much you feel the need to comment about how awful she is? Do you have an uncontrollable need to insert your opinion where it isn’t wanted or are you just worried this will affect Klaus’ relationship with your fav?
        Genuinely curious what motivates y’all with these comments since you guys seem to be so secure in your ship being endgame. Go reread your letter for the 50th time and leave Cami fans to be excited over their actual scene.

        • Val M. says:

          First, welcome to the concept of a forum. Second, I didn’t start to talk bad about Cami, the original post did with Caroline so stop double standards, third I just point that the things she described as unique for Cami to Klaus, they didn’t.

          • Stacey says:

            I could not agree with you more Val!!

          • Jenny says:

            You’re the reason this fandom can’t have nice things.

          • Jane says:

            I’m sorry Jenny, I’m pretty happy with things my ship gets, you’re the one getting upset here. I hope you’ll find comfort in seeing Camille ghost in one episode. Silver lining and all

          • Claire says:

            Jenny, and are you the “nice thing” your fandom has to offer? Please look back at all of your comments on this page, i wonder if they are your standard for “nice”. Hope you are not disgracing your fandom either.

      • Gift says:

        Val M. I agree with everything u said but not things u said about Stefan. He is a good person ripper or not. And his humanity is always off when he becomes a ripper. Every person have an issue so did Stefan. seeking redemption all through his life isn’t good for u? Having a conscience alone is enough to know he was a good guy.

  12. Monica says:

    Cami’s back! I’m only watching for her. Klaus hallucinating her proves their love is immortal. They should have never killed her off.

  13. Claire says:

    My baby is back! Even if it’s for one episode… Can’t wait!

  14. Steph says:

    She’s so beautiful I’m happy to see her again 😍😍😍 I wish she would come back.

  15. Katherine says:

    I’m glad they are showing how much Cami meant to him and how much she helped him and not throwing away all their developement both together and apart. Cami was the best woman for Klaus. She genuinely loved and cared about him. She didn’t reject him, hurt him or cause him more. Klaus needs her and she should be brought back. Cami was a great character who has been through so much and persevered over tremendous suffering, which showed how strong of a resolve she had and was a great person despite all that happened to her. She deserved better and shouldn’t have been killed off. I understand budget cuts but they should’ve killed off other characters instead of her. The writers better fix their mistakes and give Klaus back the love of his life and his rock since it is what is best for the show. I don’t want to see Klaus regress back into a beast when he has finally become a better person, he deserves more too. Oh well at least this is the most likely the last season so we don’t have to watch the writers destroy the characters anymore.

    • Lucy says:

      Klaus needs someone to challenge him, and judge him to tell him that he’s done wrong. Someone who doesn’t take his rubbish. Unfortunately Cami served to prop him up. You see how she improved Klaus, but how did Klaus improve Cami. The best relationships are when you can see how they are best for and improve each other, but the development is one sided for Klaus. Clearly you like a softer Klaus, I’ve seen lots of people on twitter who don’t and we want a badass Klaus to return, like when he first appeared in TVD, not someone that constantly talks about his man pain and cried every 5 minutes. Fans want a strong Klaus. I want a strong a Klaus that does anything for Hope – that’s his mission. At the same time I want his evil sadistic humour back.

      The sad thing is that I quite liked Cami in S1, I could see the potential that she had. But they abandoned the stories about her character like her family, they abandoned the human faction, with the dark objects that could of gave her power and instead relegated her to a love interest. She barely contributes to the main narrative – which is a shame because Leah deserves better. A majority of her scenes were only with Klaus – she rarely interacted with Hayley or Freya and they seemed to abandon the sweet friendship her and Davina had. (My big issue with TO was their treatment of their female characters in relation to limiting them to only a male character – Hayley suffers from it, but she’s a female lead so they give her more to do)

  16. jovana says:

    This is the only episode of this season I’ll watch and because of Cami. Stopped watching when they killed her.

  17. For those glad Cami is back, I’m happy for you but I can’t wait for this to be over. Never liked Cami never will, she was pushed by the writers WAY to hard and that’s the reason she fails, also the reason Hayley was failing at one point. Then they destroyed the only bit of Cami most enjoyed by giving her Hayley’s air time with no plot. Both of them absolutely only existed to both Elijah and Klaus’s man pain/plot devices. So glad Hayley has found her footing, not sad Cami never did. Cami season 1-Caroline replacement, don’t care how you take that but she was. Cami season 2- Hope’s babysitter, The Mikaelsons therapist. Cami season 3- Used plot device for Klaus’s later guilt and remorse. And that’s all folks. I get MN is upset he had to kill her off, but he needs to move on. Hell, they need to talk about Finn, the mikaelson who died and only had 10mins of screentime. Cami got her swan song…bye. Let’s get this show moving forward and not backwards making the same mistakes as last season. Have to admit I dissliked the way they killed her off but I always knew since season 1 that her character would not be around long. We all loved Leah Pipes the actress but not Cami the character.

    • Ginger says:

      I love both Cami and Leah

    • Hayley says:

      Wow I’m getting really tired of people pretending their hatred of Cami has anything to do with the character and nothing to do with their own bias…Everyone’s storyline was shafted for the original family, even Freya’s. The only reason Cami gets a hard time for it is because of her connection with Klaus, and judging from your “Caroline replacement” comment I can probably guess why that bothers you 🙄
      Cami had more of a SL in S3 than most of the main cast. She was learning to adjust to being a vampire while struggling with her darker side, she had a family legacy and a catalogue of dark objects that had yet to be explored fully, she was developing strong friendships with almost every other character in the show and had a budding romance with the show’s main character. It had also been hinted at her using her vampirism to help the humans of NOLA and she had the smarts and skills to help Hayley find the warewolf cure (and it probably wouldn’t have taken her 5 years to do it). Remind me again what Hayley’s SL in season 3 was though because I’ve genuinely forgotten.

      You’re right we all do love Leah Pipes. But a lot of us also loved Cami, which was evident by the drop in ratings after she died. I for one will only be tuning in for this episode, after that my interest in this show is gone :)

      • My dislike for Cami and not hatred that’s your wording, has nothing to do with a bias. Klaus is 1000 years old he has loved and will love plenty more, regardless of Caroline/Cami/Hayley/Aurora and who else. My issue with Cami has been admitted by the actors/Julie Plec themselves. Joseph said Cami was cast as Klaus’s love interest and that is basically what she turned into. She has no real character development because everything goes back to Klaus, nothing is for Cami. Not even her death, instead of showing Cami her brother or Uncle flashbacks he takes them on their first date and her dying words are used to prop up him and Hope’s development. That’s not fair to the characters. So instead of thinking everyone that brings up Caroline has only an issue with Cami because of that is being bias. So you are actually showing yours. Cami’s storyline in season 3 was the writer’s last attempts to make her more than a love interest the problem with that is they focused on her and not The Originals. The show is called The Originals, it was sadly too little too late for her. Season 2 really hurt Cami and the rewriting that went into saving her character only turned worse when the writers wanted to prove a point. The Originals has suffered in ratings since season 1. The biggest drop came when Rebekah was written off the show, not Cami. The other big dropped was after Cami became a Vampire and just continued because of the storyline. So no Cami did not cause the ratings to drop after she left, they dropped more while she was on the show. Check out your ratings table for that info. While you are checking those think of all the Cami centric episodes beside her death both times and you will see some of the lowest numbers for the show. All the things you saw coming from Cami was always there, the writers just dropped the storylines after the purpose of said legacy was set up for Klaus/The Mikaelsons gain or loss. Again…leading everything back to Klaus and not Cami’s storyline without him. Julie Plec gave a great answer when asked why they killed off Cami.she said because it came down to the character running it’s course vs loving the actor themselves. So again that is why I said love to Leah but not so much Cami. Had they thought more about it and did not generalize everyone who had issues with Cami as a shipper/Klaroline, she would still be on the show and possibly be with Klaus in a popular ship. Hayley’s storyline will always be the same but the show also presented Hayley as such. Hope’s mother which I have issues with but that’s a different forum. And not everyone’s storyline was shifted for The Originals, more so the writers shifted The Originals storyline to included why/a connection to some characters that were never needed. This show needed one thing, The Mikaelsons….that’s it. That’s what over 2.8 million people tuned in for Season 1 but slowly when the show lost it’s way/plot the main characters suffered because of it. I’ve loved The Originals since TVD, wanted this show badly and expected more. So yes, for me this new season is getting down to business and being more about The Originals as a family, instead of vampire Cami stealing white oak toys and ranting about dark objects for 45mins and it seems by the comments that a lot of people (maybe not you) agree. Enjoy your one episode that will be about Klaus’s man pain and insecurity while his therapist pays him a visit which you will enjoy and plenty of The Mikaelson family lovers will not. Next time be careful when calling out someone else’s bias when yours is showing.

        • Jane says:

          I agree with what Arcena said. As a fan of the “original” Originals (from TVD) I really didn’t appreciate how they kind of twisted these characters to accommodate new characters. For instance I generally like Kolvina, but no way it’s true to Kol’s character. Same with Klamille. Did you notice how much Kol and Klaus cried in these relationships and they are supposed to be ruthless vicious anti heroes. The Originsls should’ve been like how they showed Joker in the Suicide Squad – not about redeeming the villain (Klaus) but about showing his reality that is so different from all these stories about good boys. Instead they gave Klaus a therapist and instead of “turning her into Harley Quinn” he cried to her for the next 3 seasons. And be realistic, do you think he never met anyone like this 25-yr-old psychology student in his 1000 years? Sure he has, he met all kind of women but stayed Klaus that we saw in TVD. So if a good girl could turn him into cry baby, that would happen long time ago and he would never be the Klaus that he has been for 1000 years. I think the writers didn’t have guts to keep Klaus true to his character. Like turn his back on his child or kill Hayley all together to make sure no one can manipulate him with her and that baby. But the writers were afraid fans won’t connect with this character and as a result we are getting someone who is pretty much just like Damon, just older. And it’s a downgrade for a characters like Klaus or Kol.

      • Lucy says:

        It is possible to like an actress and not her character. I like Leah and thinks she’s a great actress and was familiar with her work before TO, but unfortunately, her character was underdeveloped and only served as a love interest, we barely know anything about her past and family except that she had an uncle that died and her twin brother that died. In S1, she had potential to be more than a love interest, they started giving her power with the dark objects – but they abandoned it in S2 and she was made just a therapist. They abandoned the factions which wouldn’t of limited her character.
        In the end, I think Leah did the best job with the material that was given. But she deserved better writing, unfortunately, TO has a slight problem with the writing of female characters and the female friendships (TVD suffered from this in later seasons). By the look of spoilers and promos, she’s only going to be there to service Klaus which is nothing new.

        Another example of not liking a character but the actress is Jenna Coleman. I loved her in her previous works and was familiar with her work, but did not like Clara – I actually only started to remotely enjoy her near the end.
        Another example is Bille in Charmed, could not stand her and was badly written and felt unnecessary but I like Kaley Cucao.

        It has nothing to do with bias, it has to do with the fact that I (and others – can’t speak for them all) think that Leah deserved to be more than a Love Interest and that Cami deserved some storylines outside of Klaus and the Mikaelsons. (I just wish that they went down the supernatural politics route with all the different factions). – My issue is that the female characters rarely interacted with each other (especially when compared to the male characters), you could rarely call them friends.

  18. Ashley G says:

    All of these Cami hating opinions are ridiculous. Did we watch the same show? Cami was never Carolines replacement. They are two completely different characters. Cami was never only Klaus therapist. She was his soulmate and the humanity on this show. The kindest character by far. Without her something is definitely off. She did have a storyline which suffered in season 2 the most but tell me a character on the show who’s storyline never suffered? Why everyone hates on Cami is beyond me and its tiring because the arguments are baseless and could be used for any character.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      One (1) user name per IP address, thank you so much! –Mgmt.

    • Jane says:

      Maybe Klamille doesn’t have many fans, but at least this ship has fans like you, with multiple personalities and all lol

    • Gift says:

      Ashley G, maybe just maybe we aren’t watching the same show. Cami, klaus soulmate?Hahaha can’t help but laugh. Go back nd watch again. You can love Cami all u want no one will stop u but the argument re not baseless. Cami’s romance with Klaus was boring nd unbearable to watch of cause in my own opinion that is but one thing is clear, they were not meant to be. she was his friend, therapist. He wasn’t that crazy about her.

      • Really, Sunshine ? says:

        What relationship did he have with Caroline ? They just had a one night stand, up against a tree.
        How romantic. I’m sure he remembers her. LOL

        • Jane says:

          If you don’t like Klaroline that’s okay. But remember that Klamille sex scene got cut out all together. That was pretty embarrassing

        • Gift says:

          Really, Sunshine , Are u really ignorant ? you don’t Understand what u ve been watching . So I see why it’s pointless to argue with u. Watch caroline nd Klaus Sence again in the Vampire Diaries then maybe u will understand a thing or two about Love.

  19. So excited to have Cami back! Best actress the show has, best female character, and should never have been killed in the first place.

  20. Gift says:

    Arcena when this show started they thought they will just replace Caroline with anyone nd that would work. Yes if u didn’t see TVD. Even at that it was so clear klaus was always using Cami as his therapist. One can’t stay away from the person u love but Klaus did stay away from Cami nd only sorted her out occasionally when he needed a therapist. All those who watch TVD would see how Klaus could sort Caroline out from the crowd. He would go to her even when she didn’t want him to. even when she says things he couldn’t tolerate he would try to listen to her nd make sense of it. if that is not love then what is? Jane u do know klaus is pretty different from Damon. klaus himself is unique nd unpredictable. He is also very paranoid.

  21. I’m laughing my ass off over the comment section. Ya’ll are so insecure about Cami you can’t help yourselves from spamming the comment section.

    Klaus was in love with her, Klaus called her his soulmate, Klaus still can’t stop thinking about her. Those are FACTS. Take your delusions elsewhere.

    • Jane says:

      Klaus was in love with many women. Klaus called her soulmate? Yes he’s a master of romantic bla-bla when it suits him. But then when she was dying he did absolutely nothing. She was dying because of him and he just sat there, talking about himself and assuring her that she didn’t fail him. Some of his lines, given the circumstances, were really… just unbelievable. And excuse me, I actually expected her to appear in 1st episode, but no, turned out Klaus didn’t think about her till Vincent reminded him. Any other FACTS? Talking about delusional here.

      • Girl, what show have you been watching? Klaus told Cami that no matter who came into his life, no matter what happened, he believed he was destined to find her and be with her. That’s a soulmate. He’s been in love before (Aurora), but his feelings for Cami were on another level.

        You’re right, Klaus didn’t mention Cami in the 1st episode, because he’s being tortured and she’s his safe place. He also didn’t talk about Caroline or Hayley, but shippers will claim he’s madly in love with one of them. But you know what did happen? He threatened Vincent until the name “Cami” was mentioned, and he suddenly had tears in his eyes and shrunk into himself like a child. Because her name has that much power to him. THAT is love, my dear.

        • Jane says:

          Yes, I’ve been watching the same show as you have. I just don’t give that much weight to what man says, when his actions tell a different story. We of course can’t know for sure who was in his thoughts during this time of captivity. But my bet it’s not one of his many women, it’s Hope. How she was growing up every second and he was missing it. And his look? Please. The woman died because of him. He better have some reaction when someone REMINDED him of her.

          • Stacey says:

            Exactly! He feels guilty for her death, as he should, but she was dumb enough to stick around and provoke Lucien, she got what she deserved. Plus, if Klaus is writing love letters to Caroline and making grand gestures, he can’t be too choked up.

          • It cracks me up that ya’ll have to ignore canon in order to bash Klaus and Cami’s love story. Just further proof how right I am :-)

          • Gift says:

            well u all have said everything I want to say. klaus did mention Caroline nd even called her on his first time back to New Orleans, he kept mentioning her on occasions needed. He made it very clear that he would be Caroline’s last love. klaus nd Caroline goes without saying. Stefan’s conversation with Klaus last season proves that he still has feelings for her nd he isn’t going to force his feelings on her. if u love something let it go if it is urs it will return(we know that was what klaus did) while hoping she will return to him. I know klaus cared for Cami but not in the way most of u put it. soulmate, klaus is a Romantic, he can also be called a player because he would tell a beautiful woman something that would make her feel special nd so important to him that would make her fall head over heels in love with him. That is just it. if he loved Cami that much why didn’t he kill Aurora for what she did to her?even though she demanded it. Now while in captivity all he is thinking about is HOPE! and the rest of his family. I’m not sure Cami really had a place there.

          • Jane says:

            True, he can be quite a player when it comes to women. Caroline saw right through it, hence that line that she was too smart to be seduced by him. Camille on the other hand jumped at the opportunity to play Belle to this Beast and ended up dead. Truth is, Klaus likes idea that someone good like Cami or Caroline will love him, it makes him feel better about himself. But was he ever serious about redemption? Hardly. He’s set in his ways and these ways keep his family alive so very unlikely he’d have become that person Cami wanted him to be.

          • Gift says:

            exactly, klaus is set in his ways. Cami was suppose to make klaus good but instead I think she got dragged more into his ways. I wouldn’t have an issue with her if she wasn’t klaus love interest. But I still feel bad that she had to die like that. more so, Finn’s death touched me the most. And I hope her fans don’t get offended by our choice of words because we only say it like we see it.

      • DELETED says:


        • Gift says:

          what point exactly? u people just won’t give up! you re just bitter that I am right. You re free to like Cami all u want. it doesn’t change the facts. I’m a fan of Klaroline nd the will win in the end but whatever believe or say what u will.

    • UR FUNNY says:

      “Klaus was in love with her, Klaus called her his soulmate, Klaus still can’t stop thinking about her. Those are FACTS.”

      Dude will say anything to get laid.

  22. Marsha darrington says:

    Stop the fighting we need to stick together so we can keep the rating up for we can hope to get season 5

    • The Klaroline/Klayley shippers just need to stop. The Cami fanbase have been through pure hell the past year, and we finally get to see our girl again just ONCE, and they can’t stop themselves from posting hate and trying to fight with her fans. It’s immature.

  23. rk says:

    Ep2 of to is in 2 days where’s the updated spoilers? ??

  24. rk says:

    Stefan died in the last ep of s8 so if Caroline goes to the originals chances are it will be season as the writers said In the spoilers and jp is not this season

  25. rk says:

    Because it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever

  26. Jenny says:

    y so much hate for Cami ?

    • Klamille4ever says:

      Because the klaroliners don’t want to admit that their ship died seasons ago. Julie Plec already said that Caroline WON’T be in the current season.

      • Jane says:

        Yes and that’s why after killing Kamille last year, they killed Steroline this year and ended tvd with Klaroline letter which is “a beginning of another story.”

        • Stacey says:

          Lol, I love how antis call Klaroline a dead ship when their ships are literally dead. Sending a letter, with however long it takes, and having Alaric say thats the beginning of another story, confirms Klaroline, not sure how that’s hard to understand.

        • NOT A KLARO WHINER says:

          The Originals will be cancelled before that happens.
          Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll fanbait you until the end.

          • Stacey says:

            Stay salty, I’m going to sit back and enjoy my KC endgame! Enjoy your fan service hallucination scenes!


            Enjoy being worse than the Delena shippers.

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, we do share something with Delena fans, both our ships are endgames! And it’s not KC fans that are whining but CK and SC fans. I love KC but I watch this show for the Mikaelsons first and foremost, since I am a true fan, unlike some CKers that just watched for a ship.

  27. DELETED says:


  28. UR SUCH A RUNT. OOPS, TYPO. says:

    The only reason Klaus donated money to the school is because his kid is going to the school.
    He already said goodbye to Caroline in that phone call.
    Try to keep up, guys.

  29. PSA says:

    Dear Vampire Diaries fandom,

    Please come and take back the klaroliners. We don’t want them here. They keep making weird noises when they open their mouths (they call it speech but it is sooooo grating), and they keep beating up all the other ships.
    They are mean and make Julie Plec cry.
    Pleeeeeese take them back !

  30. PSA says:

    And that was an example of a typical klaro-whiner.
    Thanks for helping, Jane.

    • Stacey says:

      The only whiners I see on here are salty CKers but try again, lol.

    • Stacey says:

      You must be a Cyberman! I prefer the Dalek’s Exterminate!

      • David Attenborough says:

        And here you see a klaroliner in it’s natural habitat.
        Note the frothing at the mouth. This is a sure sign that it’s rabid.
        Possibly related to the dreaded Delena.

        • Stacey says:

          Wow, must have taken a while to come up with that one! The only rabid ones are CKers and SCers who wish death on Klaus and Caroline respectively, so their boring ships can be endgame. Sorry shippers, KC is endgame, just read KW’s and JP’s interviews, you know, the actual writers that you guys wished death on. Lots of hate by you CK and SC fans on Twitter. Please move on, both your ships are officially dead.