Scandal Recap: Who Killed Frankie?

Scandal Recap

Scandal did the time warp (…again) on Thursday in order to unravel the big mystery of Season 6: Who killed President-elect Frankie Vargas?

The short answer, as many fans suspected, is Rowan. But since Scandal has never been about short answers, let’s break this down step-by-agonizing-step:

During the election, Rowan reconnected with Sandra, an old flame from grad school who was heading up a high-profile new project at the Smithsonian. (Something about… fossils? Honestly, my knowledge of the prehistoric era is limited to Dinosaurs and The Land Before Time, so most of their conversations just sounded like Charlie Brown trombones.) Anyway, Sandra offered Rowan a position on her team — and in her bed — both of which he gratefully accepted.

Then came trouble: Rowan started noticing cameras all over their workspace at the museum. I hoped this just meant Sandra was a closet freak, but after a little digging (pardon the archaeology pun), Rowan figured out that his old pal’s mysterious benefactor was an organization headed up by the same lady we saw put Rowan in his place last week. The Shadowy Organization used Sandra to get to Rowan, whose help they needed in rigging the election against Frankie.

Rowan did as he was told, working his magic on the machines in San Benito County — until Olivia caught wind of his activity, at which point she had Huck seal the machines’ backdoors so hard that even he couldn’t re-open them. Olivia wanted to win the election on her own merit… but this, as we already knew, is exactly what caused Mellie to lose. What we didn’t know, however, was that the Shadowy Organization ordered Rowan to kill Frankie and frame Cyrus for his murder, a feat he accomplished (sloppily) with a last-minute assist from Nelson McClintock, the man who agreed to take the fall.

Rowan then tried to give the “I’m not your little bitch baby” speech to the Shadowy Organization, which continued to make demands of him. Rowan was accused of having an emotional weakness — in this case, Sandra — though that theory was pretty much snuffed out when, moments later, he pulled out a gun and delivered a fatal shot to her forehead. (So, as far as Rowan’s weaknesses go, I guess that just leaves… Olivia?)

OK, let’s get your thoughts on this week’s revealing — but, let’s be honest, not entirely unexpected — episode. Drop ’em in a comment below.

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