Veep Season 6 Trailer: Selina Struggles With Life Outside the White House

Veep‘s Selina Meyer isn’t President anymore… which at least gives her plenty of time to work on her elaborately foul-mouthed insults.

In the new trailer for Season 6 of the HBO political comedy (premiering Sunday, April 16 at 10:30/9:30c), Selina is adjusting to life as a civilian after last season’s stunning electoral loss. (If you forgot, a tie-breaking vote in Congress led to her opponent’s VP Laura Montez being elected President.) She tells an interviewer that the loss gave her a chance to “reacquaint herself with an old friend… by the name of Selina Meyer.” (Groan.)

To that end, she tries her hand at volunteering, painting over inner-city graffiti and visiting refugee camps with her loyal right-hand man Gary in tow. (When she hears the refugee camp is surrounded by landmines, though, she asks Gary to walk ahead of her.)

But Selina still has some scores to settle: She promises a terrified Jonah (sporting a shaved head, following his testicular-cancer diagnosis) that she will “destroy [him] in ways that are so creative, they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center!” Plus, she finds time to mock Mike for smearing a thick layer of white sunscreen all over his face: “You look like the world’s least-f–ed geisha.”

Press PLAY on the video above to get a sneak peek at Veep Season 6, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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