The Men of This Is Us Rank This Season's Top 3 'Guy Cry' Scenes

This Is Us NBC Milo Ventimiglia Jack Randall

No one is impervious to the incredible sob-inducing power of This Is Us — not even the men who star in it.

To warm up your tear ducts for Tuesday’s season finale (NBC, 9/8c), TVLine quizzed cast members Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Justin Hartley (Kevin), Ron Cephas Jones (William) and Chris Sullivan (Toby) on which scenes this season made them cry. And they gave us three “guy cry” scenes that wrecked them emotionally… even if they knew exactly what was coming.

3. Kevin’s description of his painting (“The Game Plan”)

Kevin showing Randall’s daughters the painting he made — and explaining how it shows that we’re all connected, even after we die — was a favorite of Ventimiglia’s. And Jones agreed: “Even when you’re gone, you’re still in the painting. It’s a beautiful analogy.”

2. William’s final moments (“Memphis”)

Randall’s birth father William saying goodbye to his son and encouraging him to “roll all your windows down” got to Ventimiglia (“That killed me”) and Hartley, too: “Because you’ve already fallen in love with the character. And then, for us, working on the show, you also fall in love with the man.”

1. Jack does push-ups with Randall on his back (“The Trip”)

We have a winner! All four of the actors mentioned this father-son flashback scene, where Randall’s karate instructor has Jack do push-ups with his adopted son on his back to demonstrate his support. “I feel like there was a little bit of every aspect of this show in that scene,” Sullivan said. When Ventimiglia called it “a good guy cry,” Sullivan added, “A 1940s dad cry. A World War I veteran cry.”

Hartley even acted out the “guy cry” — stone-faced, but with his bottom lip quivering ever so slightly: “I’ve got something in my eye!”

Alright, This Is Us-sers: Which scenes this season had you reaching for the Kleenex? Give us your picks in the comments below.