The Bachelor Finale: Who Did Nick Choose? And Did She Accept?

The Bachelor Finale

This is it, lovers of love! After 10 weeks of blood, sweat and rose-scented tears, the battle for Nick Viall‘s heart reached a dramatic conclusion during Monday’s two-hour Bachelor season finale.

Two hopeful bachelorettes remained atop the full-night event: Raven Gates, the 25-year-old fashion boutique owner from Arkansas, and Vanessa Grimaldi, the 29-year-old special education teacher from Montreal.

Despite Nick’s rocky history of looking for love on television — he was the runner-up on two separate seasons of The Bachelorette — Papa Viall was “very hopeful” that his son would “be able to choose someone who will accept his proposal.”

You know who also seemed hopeful about Nick’s future? Why, none other than Santa Claus, who joined him on his final date with Vanessa. In between “ho ho ho”s and jolly belly shakes, the holiday icon expressed his sincere wishes for the couple. (Follow-up question: Vanessa seemed way more into Santa than she was into Nick, right?)

Anyway, Nick and Vanessa’s final date took an unfortunate turn when the conversation shifted towards Raven. Despite Vanessa being “so in love” with Nick and him being “everything [she’s] dreamt of in a future husband,” she admitted to having doubts because of his feelings for another woman. (Another follow-up question: Vanessa knew she signed up to be on The Bachelor, right?)

Nick’s final date with Raven, on the other hand, would best be described with the same word he used to define their relationship: It was just “easier.” All it took to make her happy was was some ice skating, a fireside snuggle and an armful of surprise puppies. Best of all, he didn’t need to pull any strings with his contacts at the North Pole just to impress her!

“I hope my kids with Nick are as cute as these puppies,” Vanessa said, before clarifying that she’d like them to be “a little less hairy.” (Just for that, now you know her future children are going to be crazy hairy. Like, they’re all going to emerge from the womb looking like Baby Grinch.)

Come proposal time, though, only one one woman would receive that coveted Neil Lane diamond ring — and that woman was… Vanessa! And she said yes!

Are you pleased with Nick’s choice, as well as the final outcome? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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