24: Legacy Recap: What Brought Tony Into the Fold? And for Good, or Bad?

24 Legacy Tony Almeida

Nod to poor Edgar excepted, Fox’s 24: Legacy delivered its first blast from the past this Monday night, in the form of the infamous Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard). How did the disgraced CTU vet fit into the mix, and can he be trusted?

It turns out that Tony has a past — post-Michelle romance included — with Rebecca, who has enlisted him to conduct “enhanced interrogation” on Henry Donovan (who even in the wake of my GWB getting blasted is still playing the I Didn’t Consort With No Terrorists card). CTU thus sets Henry free, so that Tony’s team can intercept his detail, bag him and whisk him to their black site. Once there, Tony’s henchwoman Sidra (hey, it’s Moran Atias channeling Lara Croft!) runs a physical on Henry before the “enhanced” fun begins.

CTU does its best to keep John occupied whilst Henry is being released, but when he gets wind from the sketchy family friend that Dad has gone MIA — and just as Rebecca enters radio silence — the senator promptly surmises what is what. Once in touch with Rebecca, he demands that his father go untouched until he arrives on the scene to talk this out with the missus.

Is Tony indeed there to help CTU? Or is the ex-criminal operating on a secret agenda, as suggested by furtive glances between him and an already-jealous Sidra?

As for Carter, he has been tasked with getting the sleeper cell flash drive fixed, now that Jadallah has taken both his wife and brother captive. Carter jumps Andy in the parking garage, then quickly makes his case: Andy will pretend to repair the files while instead slipping in a virus that wipes the drive clean. The cost they likely will pay for this subterfuge: both of their lives. As such, Andy conspicuously pours his heart some to Thomas, before none-too-deftly packing his go bag and slipping away. Thomas later sneaks up on Carter and Andy and orders them to abort, but the former gains the upper hand, cuffs Thomas to a pipe and then drives off with Andy to the meet-up. But hey, at least Thomas copped to having should done better by his ex (?).

Face-to-face with Jadallah in a junkyard lot, Carter holds valuable computer wonk Andy at gunpoint, demanding that his wife and brother be released first. Once they are, Nicole comes to realize that her hubby is on a suicide mission. Isaac drives Nicole away while Carter and Andy surrender themselves to Jadallah’s men, while the terrorist leader quietly orders Isaac and Nicole to be caught up to — and killed.

What did you think of 24: Legacy‘s 6 o’clock hour and Tony’s return?

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