'Vampire Diaries' Finale Week

Vampire Diaries EP Previews the Fight for Mystic Falls, a Possible Originals Connection and More in Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Now that we’ve told you what you won’t see during Friday’s Vampire Diaries send-off (The CW, 9/8c), it’s time to talk about what we can expect from the series finale.

For starters, the episode picks up immediately after the events of last week’s bell ringing, with Stefan desperately trying to keep Bonnie from slipping into… wherever dead witches go at this point. “The history between the two of them being so fraught, he wants to do everything he can to make sure that she takes another breath,” executive producer — and co-writer of the finale — Julie Plec tells TVLine. She also dubs this the “worst wedding night ever.” (Sorry, Caroline!)

Meanwhile, Damon will find himself “confounded” by a new series of obstacles thrown his way, while remaining “determined” to reunite with Elena. (If you missed the first part of our chat with Plec, it’s been confirmed that Elena will be seen in the episode, lest you fear that The CW’s recent string of 15-second finale teases have been leading us all astray.)

And then there’s the million-dollar question, one we’ve wondered ever since Plec’s recent Twitter Q&A: How might The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale connect to the upcoming fourth season of its spinoff, The Originals?

“After you see this finale, and when we get to The Originals‘ finale, that question sort of answers itself,” she tells us. “It sets the stage for either the future of The Originals or another piece of The Vampire Diaries universe. Whether we get the opportunity to go down that road, I have no idea. But it definitely opens the door for a nice iteration of the two worlds.”

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