Teen Wolf Series Finale Set Photos: The Cast Celebrates Hitting 100 Episodes

Teen Wolf Series Finale

After nearly six years, the moon is finally setting in Beacon Hills.

MTV on Thursday released a group photo from Teen Wolf‘s Los Angeles set, where the cast is currently shooting the drama’s 100th — and final! — episode.

And before you whip out your magnifying glasses and start playing Where’s Waldo?, I’ll just say this: You won’t find any of the people you’ve been hoping would return. (Trust me, I already checked every shady corner of this shot for even a whisper of Tyler Hoechlin’s eyebrows. Nada.)

Naturally, the show’s stars have also been sharing their own behind-the-scenes experiences while filming the finale, which officially wraps Friday.

Browse our gallery of series finale set photos — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your hopes below: How should Teen Wolf end?

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