America's Next Top Model Finale Recap: Did the Right Woman Win Cycle 23?

America's Next Top Model Winner

Three ladies remained for Wednesday’s season finale of America’s Next Top Model, but in keeping with centuries-old tradition, only one would end the evening… on top.

Despite mounting pressure, the three finalists — India Gants, Tatiana Price and Cory Anne Roberts — managed to maintain their cool during a Paper magazine photo shoot, as well as their last-ever runway walk. … Well, almost everyone.

“I felt like I was doing great, but backstage when everyone’s screaming and yelling — a lot of tension was building up, so I was freaking out,” India admitted.

And India’s uncertainty didn’t go unnoticed by Tatiana, who said India appeared “a little bit nervous,” before reminding the viewers that “this is cutthroat, and I want to win, so I’m just going to go in there and kill it.” (To be fair, I said Tatiana noticed India’s nerves. I didn’t say she cared about it.)

Fortunately for India, she managed to pull it together for the final walk; judge Ashley Graham even remarked that her confidence was “insane.”

After reviewing the ladies’ Paper shoots, the judges made their first elimination of the night: Cory Anne, who said she felt “numb” after giving “everything” she had into the competition. (Silver lining: At least this whole experience repaired Cory Anne’s fractured relationship with her mom!)

Following a quick visit from Tyra Banks — who likened Tatiana and India to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, in terms of their high-fashion/commercial looks — the judges made their final ruling. America’s Next Top Model is… India!

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