Flash Recap: One Shall Betray You, One Will Suffer a Fate Worse Than Death

Flash Recap Season 3

Coming out of its two-week Gorilla City arc, The CW’s The Flash wasn’t monkeying around, serving up a highly eventful episode that filled in the blanks on Savitar’s three-pronged prophecy.

While Wally kept mum about having seen Savitar, Iris gave Team Flash the good news that she and Barry were engaged. Joe scared us for a moment with his silence, only to then launch into blubbery hugs for his “baby girl” and her fiance aka “the best man I know.” That said, Joe did later take Barry aside to ask why his permission wasn’t sought, and Barry claims that it was just a “spontaneous” thing and he knew Joe would say yes.

But is that all there was to it…?

After Wally’s Savitar sightings come to light and he got benched as a result, he asked Cisco to vibe him into the future where Iris gets killed, so he can best prepare to save the day. But witnessing the scene, Wally noted that Future Iris isn’t engaged. Wally returned from the vibing to blast Barry, in front of Iris, for proposing for the wrong reasons, to simply alter the future. Iris stepped away for some “time to think,” then later has a heart-to-heart with Barry. She said she is not angry and that she “gets” how he is trying to save her life. But she assumed he was proposing purely out of love, and not out of fear. And she wants to be his wife, not someone he is trying to save for eternity.

That closing word sparked an idea for Barry, who throughout the episode had been trying to decode Savitar’s orations, as channeled by a reluctant Julian. Savitar said things such as Barry is “the Big Bad” from his POV, that he — not Zoom, Reverse-Flash nor anyone — has always been the scarlet speedster’s biggest foe, that everything he is is because of Barry. Savitar also spoke about how he has been imprisoned long enough to lose his mind “several times over.” Barry eventually surmised that his foe has been trapped all this time in the Speed Force, and thus is only able to put in brief appearances, and only to some. Luckily, it would turn out, not all of the Philosopher’s Stone was lobbed into the Speed Force, because Caitlin — “One Shall Betray You” — kept a piece of it for herself, to possibly neuter her Killer Frost powers.

Thing is, that piece got pinched by Wally, who after being tricked into talking to his dead mom aka Savitar planned to pitch it into the Speed Force, unaware that Savitar is there waiting for it. Goaded by the sinister speedster, Wally was able to summon a portal and do just that — allowing Savitar to finally escape his longtime prison. And because nature demands balance, Wally got sucked into the Speed Force, to take Savitar’s place — thus suffering “a fate much worse than death.”

Barry arrived too late to the scene, then got into a scuffle with the now-corporeal Savitar, who boasted that it was his plan along to lure Kid Flash into existence, and then have him become fast enough to one day create the portal that would free him. Savitar stabbed Barry, non-fatally, before zooming off, insisting that his rival live a bit longer — to see Iris die. As Barry recovered back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he realized that Iris is no longer wearing the engagement ring.

What did you think of “The Wrath of Savitar”?

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