Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Explains Clary and Simon's Bond, Promises 'Intense' Finale Cliffhanger

Shadowhunters Finale Spoilers

While filming Monday’s Shadowhunters finale (Freeform, 8/7c), star Katherine McNamara says she remembers turning to the directors and asking, “How are we going to shoot this in eight days?”

“The finale is insane,” she tells TVLine. “Valentine has kidnapped Simon, and Clary’s first instinct is to rescue him — but that would be playing right into Valentine’s plan, since Clary is the key to activating the Soul Sword and killing all of the Downworlders. And just to make this even worse, the Downworlders are all trying to kill Clary, so just getting to Simon will be a difficult task.”

Speaking of Simon, McNamara says she’s fully aware of the show’s current ‘shipping climate, though she urges naysayers to enjoy Clary and Simon’s relationship as part of her character’s overall story.

“These characters all have such long journeys ahead of them,” she reminds us. “There’s so much content from the books, plus new things the writers are adding in. It’s more about the journey. We can’t just jump straight to the relationships that people want to see. Clary and Simon are both at a point where they’re fortified in the shadow world, and they’ve grown so much in doing that. They’ve gained confidence in their powers and in themselves, so they’re able to see each other in a different light for the first time.”

As for the level of ass kicking in the finale, even though Clary has “become a lot more careful since losing her mother,” McNamara still promises an action-packed hour.

“She doesn’t want to put anyone at risk if she doesn’t have to, but now that she’s Valentine’s weapon, she has a responsibility to more people than just herself,” McNamara explains. “It’s great to finally see Clary and Jace working as a team again, along with Alec and Izzy. They’re back to being that Shadowhunter squad, if you will.”

McNamara also promises an “intense … emotional, gut-wrenching” cliffhanger to leave fans guessing until the show returns for Season 2B: “What, did you think we were going to tie things up in a nice little bow?”

Your hopes for tonight’s Shadowhunters finale? Thoughts on the Clary/Simon/Jace situation? Drop ’em in a comment below.