Time After Time Team Previews ABC Drama's 'Epic Love Story' (Video)

Time After Time may belong to the 2016-17 TV season’s time-travel class, but it has more in common with executive producer Kevin Williamson’s previous series, The Vampire Diaries and The Following, than it does with Timeless and Making History.

The ABC drama — which is based on the 1979 book and movie about sci-fi author H.G. Wells (UnREAL‘s Freddie Stroma) and his pursuit of Jack the Ripper (Revenge‘s Josh Bowman) in modern-day New York City — is “very Kevin Williamson” with its “epic love story” and “twists and turns,” executive producer/director Marcos Siega tells TVLine’s Michael Ausiello in the above video.

Rounding out the show’s love triangle is Jane (Entourage‘s Genesis Rodriguez), a museum curator who “just wants a lot out of life,” Rodriguez describes. “And then in strolls H.G. Wells, with this time machine and this whole experience. She just follows him along and wants to help him with the situation because she feels like this is her destiny. She needs him, and he needs her in this modern-day world.”

For Wells, that world is a very disheartening place, and not at all what he imagined. “He believed when technology evolved, the future would be a utopian society,” Siega notes. But when Wells arrives in the present, he’s “profoundly disappointed” by “the shootings and the wars and all the issues we’re having.”

Siega believes that evolution of humanity is partly responsible for the popularity of time-travel shows.

“I think there’s a fascination with changing the course of mankind,” he says. And because “you have different ways of time travel and what happens when you do it,” the genre also contains “an endless amount of story.”

Time After Time‘s two-hour premiere airs this Sunday, March 5 at 9/8c on ABC.

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