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The Osbournes Flashback: Sharon Throws a Baked Ham Over the Fence

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Usually, it’s a kind gesture when you send your neighbors some fine foods. But not when the Osbournes do it.

MTV unveiled The Osbournes 15 years ago this week, kickstarting the celebreality trend with an intimate look at rock god Ozzy Osbourne and his foul-mouthed family: wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack. The clan was like a real-life Addams Family, with Ozzy puttering around their Gothic mansion and Sharon and the kids cackling at any chance they got to freak out their posh L.A. neighbors.

The show’s most memorably outrageous moment came early on, in its fourth episode, with the Osbournes growing increasingly annoyed by their noisy next-door neighbors. (They’re having an acoustic-guitar singalong! The nerve!) First, Jack tries to fight fire with fire by blasting Norwegian death metal, but that just wakes Kelly up. Ozzy’s able to snooze through it all, though.

After Jack tries to reason with the neighbors and fails, Sharon goes to the fridge, grabbing a baked ham and hurling it over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. That brings the police, who sternly tell Sharon and the kids not to waste food like that. That seems to settle things down for a bit — but then Ozzy wakes up and gets the bright idea to hurl a hunk of firewood over the fence, too.

We’ve embedded the classic reality-TV moment below, but be warned: This comes from the uncensored DVD set, so there’s some very graphic language used. Viewer discretion is advised.

Press PLAY on the video below for an Osbournes flashback, then hit the comments with your favorite memories of Ozzy and the gang.

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