Baby Daddy's Jean-Luc Bilodeau Talks Hitting 100 Episodes, Previews Ben's Romantic Quest in Season 6

Baby Daddy Spoilers

Baby Daddy‘s upcoming sixth season features the Freeform comedy’s 100th episode, a milestone star Jean-Luc Bilodeau admits he never expected to hit.

“There’s no way of predicting something like that,” Bilodeau tells TVLine. “You crack open that first script, and it’s amazing, but you don’t know if the chemistry is going to be there with the cast. We did a good job of fake knowing each other for the first few episodes, then when we really fell in love with each other, it became an absolute pleasure.”

Five years later, Baby Daddy is still going strong, nabbing Favorite Cable TV Comedy at the the 2017 People’s Choice Awards — a moment Bilodeau calls the “most surreal in recent memory.”

“It was the first time that we, as a cast, felt like the show had finally hit,” he recalls. “We’re really reaching a much bigger audience than we thought. We’re just so proud of the work we’ve done, and that our crew has done, over the past six seasons. And we’re so lucky to have kept the same crew over six seasons, which is rare in this business. It was an extremely appreciative moment.”

(Side note: Though Bilodeau says his People’s Choice Award is currently the “most prized possession on [his] mantel,” it won’t be there for much longer. It’ll soon arrive at its final resting place, his parents’ home in Canada, because his mom “really wants it.”)

As for what the future holds for Ben, Bilodeau says his character has but one goal this season: to track down that elusive mystery girl (Elle, played by Katie Gill).

“For anyone who’s been to New York, they know it’s not easy to just find someone you’re looking for with no information,” Bilodeau says with a laugh. “He’s very close, and very hopeful that this girl could be the mom that Emma needs. He’s got to be careful because he also has to find someone who’s good to be his girlfriend and possible life partner. … That’s his quest for the season.”

Ben is also ready to step up as a first-time uncle, willing to “share some of his personal experiences of raising a kid with Danny” (whether Riley wants him to or not). Speaking of Riley, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to put your dreams of a Ben-Riley future to bed: “They love each other, but they know they’re not right for each other,” Bilodeau says. “Life is as it should be.”

What are your hopes for Baby Daddy‘s sixth season, premiering Monday, March 13 at 8:30/7:30c? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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