Chicago Justice: Will You Add the New Windy City Spinoff to Your Lineup?

Chicago Justice Recap

Judging the #OneChicago franchise’s latest entry, Chicago Justice, off Wednesday’s special preview feels a bit like cheating. After all, the hour was part of a crossover, not a regular installment. But the Chicago shows are always intermixing, sometimes casually, sometimes meaningfully. So in a way, Justice‘s premiere was a normal episode.

Chicago Justice RecapBefore you tell us if you’ll be making DVR space for yet another spinoff, let’s recap the plot and players: The arsonist responsible for killing 39 kids, including P.D. detective Olinsky’s daughter Lexi, is now in custody, but the work has only just begun. It’s up to prosecutor Peter Stone (The Player‘s Philip Winchester) to put the criminal behind bars. Despite his lofty position at the D.A.’s office, Peter sees himself as an underdog with a strong moral compass, especially when it comes the arsonist’s confession. See, his investigator Antonio (P.D.‘s Jon Seda) didn’t hear it himself, but Voight and Olinsky did. When Voight insists on his right to tell his story in court, Stones responds, “Having a right and doing what is right, they’re two completely different things.” Even Peter’s adversary, the defense attorney, notes his “ineffable morality” is reminiscent of his father, Law & Order‘s Ben Stone.

But maybe Peter is not all good? When a journalist threatens to spill the sordid details of the lawyer’s affair with a married (but separated at the time) woman, Peter considers letting him go through with it for the sake of his case, even though it means ruining his ex’s life. He doesn’t actually pull that card though, because some fake news and social media twists later, he gets his guilty verdict anyway.

Chicago Justice RecapRounding out the D.A.’s office are Cook County State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies (Rocky‘s Carl Weathers), who has a formidable presence (“You win this one, it could make your career. You lose, it could destroy mine,” he warns Peter); Assistant State’s Attorney Anna Valdez (UnREAL‘s Monica Barbaro), who will probably be a love interest for Peter, if my years of TV watching have taught me anything; and investigator Laura Nagel (Justified‘s Joelle Carter), who is having some kind of child issues that require a domestic monitor. At this point, Antonio is also fully settled in at his new job, where his partner Laura insists, “I’m a team player. I’d just like to know which team I’m on before I start playing.”

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