The Flash Recap: Gorilla Warfare — Plus, How About That Ending??

Flash Recap Gorilla Attack

This week’s The Flash was 90 percent war and 10 percent love. But oh, that 10 percent.

Grodd’s actual attack on Central City with his legion of apes was sadly sparse and frankly predictable, the only detour being his short-lived plan to seize and launch nuclear missiles (waylaid by Barry’s speed-guessing 90,000 abort codes. Because you can get “locked out” of iTunes, but not WMDs).

Disarmed, Grodd went ahead and signaled a stampede of his armored gorilla army, through a surprisingly massive and dense forest surrounding Central City. Once in town, the apes were intercepted by Barry, Wally and Jesse, who did a bit of razzle-dazzle but ultimately got lobbed to the side by the beasts. Luckily, just then Cisco and Gypsy arrived from Earth-Two, with Solovar in tow. Grodd mixed it up with his rival, their scufffle ascending to a building rooftop. Solovar got the upper hand and knocked Grodd, non-fatally, to the pavement far, far below. But when Solovar leaped down and went for the kill, Barry begged him not to — to spare Grodd’s life just as Barry saved his.

After Solovar complied, he and the apes got sent back to Earth-Two, while Grodd got sent to lock-up in A.R.G.U.S. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry said goodbye to Jesse, who has declared her intent to move to Earth-One, and then tasked Wally with doing right by his daughter. Or else. Cisco meanwhile challenged Gypsy to ‘fess up that she is into him, and that is why she finally agreed to help save the day. She says that even if she was — cue big, hot kiss — “you wouldn’t be able to handle me,” before heading back home.

Later, Iris came home to an apartment full of candles, fresh flowers and perhaps best of all, Grandma Esther’s noodles. But wait, there’s a bit more, as Barry proposes that they “make the future our future.”  At which point he proposes something else — marriage.

Before we get Iris’ answer, though, Wally’s own romantic evening is interrupted first by a Big Belly Run, and then by him running into no less than Savitar!

What did you think of the Gorilla City arc conclusion, Harry vs. H.R. and the whole ring thing?


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