Vampire Diaries Recap: The Battle With Cade Leads to [Spoiler]'s Return

The Vampire Diaries Recap

Friday’s Vampire Diaries was a little like John Tucker Must Die — only with surprisingly less Arielle Kebbel.

Cade, of course, played the “John Tucker” role, targeted by Damon, Stefan and Bonnie — three of his former protégés looking to get even. And just like Brittany Snow’s character, Stefan actually thought he could accomplish something by going rogue, challenging Cade all on his own. (Spoiler alert: He was *ahem* dead wrong.)

After getting the upper hand on Stefan, Cade offered Damon a chilling ultimatum: Which soul would he save, Elena’s or his brother’s? To my admitted surprise, Damon chose to sacrifice himself (“See you in hell, Cade!”), triggering an appropriately hellish psychic face-off between Bonnie and Cade. Blood was shed, fierce glances were exchanged, and that wind machine was cranked up to Beyoncé levels — but it was worth it to see Cade’s smug face literally blown to bits. Well done, all.

Unfortunately, the gang’s brief moment of happiness — during which Stefan re-proposed to Caroline (she said yes!), and Damon acknowledged that his redemption “is in reach” — didn’t last very long. During a trip to Kai’s new Spin Doctors-themed prison world (courtesy of the twins), Bonnie learned that hell is far from destroyed. In fact, it has a new queen: “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all”… Katherine!

As Damon conceded, “We’re toast.”

Since I imagine this whole Katherine thing is pretty much all we want to talk about, I’ll just bullet the rest of my thoughts on the episode:

* Alaric opening a witch school is actually kind of brilliant. It also sounds like a spinoff I would watch.

* Also, watching Alaric beat Kai with a mace was really satisfying. (That was a mace, right?)

* Did that final battle with Cade take place in the same quarry where Silas drowned Stefan in a box? So many good memories there.

* Remember when Damon screamed “Come on! Eat me!” at Cade? Because I’ll never forget.

* What a damn saint Enzo is for trying to get Bonnie to forgive Stefan for what he did. (Also, I actually LOL’d when he made this argument on Stefan’s behalf: “Stefan did horrible things, sure, and he was a servant to the devil.” Like, good start.)

Seriously, though, how loudly did you shriek when Katherine’s part in all of this was revealed? And how do you hope the final two episodes will play out? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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