Arrow Recap: Impeachy Keen — Plus, Do You Think Thea Went a Bit Too Far?

Arrow Recap Oliver Impeached

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the much-touted triple threat of prison escapees Cupid, China White and Liza Warner was overshadowed by a singular question from girlfriend Susan Williams:

“Are you the Green Arrow?”

“Yeah,” Oliver immediately answered — jokingly, he clarified, feigning that he thought Susan was pulling his leg.

Still, the heat was on, even more so once Oliver informed Thea of Susan’s theory. Already president of the Susan Williams Non-Fan Club, Thea went to Felicity with the potential powder keg, soon after which they saw on Susan’s hacked computer that she had collected evidence pointing to Mayor Queen’s secret identity.

The ladies took swift action, because not long after, Oliver found a distraught Susan in his office, freshly fired on charges of plagiarism, based on falsified files found on her computer. Worse, she is pretty darn sure that Oliver ordered the hit job, on the heels of her raising her suspicion. Susan detailed for him the rather damning list of clues she has accrued, linking him to the Green Arrow, and then bailed, not returning his calls.

No, Oliver is not the best judge and jury at times. And yes, Susan’s motives for maintaining a relationship with A) an interview subject whom B) she was investigating for nocturnal vigilantism are shady. But Oliver was arguably right to chide Thea for going to such an extreme, ruining a person’s entire career. (In the name of waging a “proportional response,” I wonder: Couldn’t they have altered the digital photos to not match, if only to buy time?)

Some (or many) on the Twitter have argued, “Unethical Susan deserved to be fired.” So… let her be fired for her actual shortcomings, and not fabricated ones. ETA: Or, go to such lengths if Susan pointedly threatened to expose Oliver/the team, which she never did.

When Thea later apologizes for what she did, Oliver cuts her off. “You didn’t make a mistake. You made a choice,” the exact same one that their mother Moira would have made, back in the day, he laments. “What happens with Susan happens. Right now, I’m worried about my baby sister.”

Though Oliver ended the episode perhaps a bit more worried about his own political bacon, seeing as the top evening news story was about the mayor ordering a cover-up in the death of Detective Billy Malone, with the “impeachment” word being bandied about.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Oliver as Green Arrow had to contend with not just the prison escapees but the ACU, after Captain Pike got tipped off to the Malone cover-up. Oliver as Mayor appealed to Pike to understand how his buddy Green Arrow, of the same height, build and facial hair, was tricked into killing the cop. When Green Arrow later thanked Pike for seeing his plight, the SCPD captain couldn’t help but note the similar choice of words.

* The Cupid/China White/Liza Warner business was of virtually no consequence, sadly, other than to send Lance on a brief guilt trip, seeing as Liza claims her rehabilitation was derailed by her former mentor’s alliance with Damien Darhk. But seriously, not one decent fight scene, even with the newly masked, bo staff-toting Dinah Drake in the mix. Meanwhile, on the extreme opposite end of “decent fight scenes,” what if anything does Curtis accomplish in the field? Rewatch his moments during the cemetery melee.

* In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly’s plotting to take out Gregor was interrupted when their target arrived at the hospital to kill at least one of them, if not both. Oliver surrendered himself, to save Anatoloy, though last we saw, Gregor had a gun aimed at his Russian rival’s head.

What did you think of the episode “The Sin-Eater”?

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