The Flash Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Flash Recap Gorilla City Solovar

This Tuesday night is an especially great one for TV. NCIS served up a strong hour (and dropped a tiny bombshell), This Is Us went on a terrific road trip, tonight’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the best one in a long time. And The Flash allowed us to watch a speedster battle a sentient gorilla in a giant arena.

Setting the stage for this Gorilla City two-parter, of course, was Jesse Wells’ arrival from Earth-Two, where her father Harry has gone missing after receiving an “invitation” to Gorilla City. Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Indi– er, Julian, give chase through a breach, only to be promptly captured by a band of sentient apes.

Waking up in power-dampening cages, Barry & Co. learn via a Grodd-channeling Harry that they were lured there to help vanquish Solovar, the ruler of Gorilla City. If defeated in the arena, Grodd will take over and halt Solovar’s plot to invade his former home, Earth-One’s Central City. Barry offers to fight Solovar, with the proviso that if he wins, he and his friends go free. In the arena, Barry’s attempts at speed punches and a lightning throw come up empty, at which point Julian gives Cisco the idea to “pull a Reverse-Flash,” and sock Solovar with a vibing hand. Doing so allows Barry to emerge triumphant, though he refuses to “finish” Solovar.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t Solovar who wanted to storm Earth-One; it’s Grodd. And now that Barry has defeated Solovar, Grodd is in charge and ready to mobilize his army. Briefly, the team considers having Caitlin kill Cisco, thus eliminating the way for a breach to be created. Instead, Caitlin chills Barry enough to fake his death for Grodd. Once dragged outside of the cell, Barry powers back up and frees his friends, who then race back to Earth-One, with Grodd arriving just too late to stop them.

Grodd, though, knows to “think ahead,” and to that end had another resource at the ready: breach-creating Gypsy!

Elsewhere in the hour:

* Things were cool between Jesse and Wally upon her return, because she worried that his newfound speedster hero status would mean even less time for their extremely long-distance relationship. Wally, though, insisted to Jesse, “You turn my world,” and then answers her offer to move to Earth-One with a big ‘ol kiss. The CW does young love so damn well.

* Coming off their Gorilla City adventure, Caitlin questioned Julian’s wanting to risk his life to help protect her. “I like you, but you… should fear me,” she says of her Killer Frost potential. Julian agrees to be “scared” — which in this instance is best soothed by a steak dinner for two, he suggests.

* Iris worried about Barry battling Grodd & Co. in the name of changing another future headline, and thus possibly saving her from Savitar. But she’s happy that he continues to do so… and welcomes the chance to help him “stay up late.”

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