The Good Fight: Did the Good Wife Spinoff Make a Strong Case?

The Good Fight Recap

The Good Fight was indeed good — but was it $5.99 good?

In the months leading up to The Good Wife spinoff, TVLine readers far and wide groused about having to pay CBS All Access’ monthly subscription rate for the privilege of watching the continuing adventures of Diane Lockhart & Co. But all the sound and fury signified nothing in my mind since the protests erupted before anyone had actually seen the offshoot.

Well, on Sunday, CBS offered a free preview of The Good Fight‘s sublime opening hour (with the remaining 9 episodes unspooling on subsequent Sundays via CBS All Access), and I’m curious if those same dissenters now find themselves softening their anti-pay for play stance. And I want to hear from you via the polls and comments section below. But first, let’s quickly recap Round  1 of The Good Fight.

As we knew going in, the spinoff picks up one year after the Good Wife finale and finds Diane — despondent over Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office — looking to get her retirement on in the South of France. But just days after triumphantly giving notice to her fellow partners at Lockhart Deckler Gussman Lee Lyman Gilbert Lurie Kagan Tannenbaum & Assoc., she discovers that her entire life savings has been Madoff’d by her accountant and good friend Henry Rindell (Paul Guilfoyle).

F–k,” Diane screams upon learning that she’s basically flat broke (folks watching on CBS network heard a much more family-friendly expletive come out of her mouth).

Further complicating matters, Diane’s goddaughter and protege at Lockhart Deckler Lee etc, Maia (Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie), just so happens to be the daughter of her allegedly reckless money man. Oh, and the only place that will hire either of them now is Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad, the largest African-American firm in the Midwest, which counts among its employees Diane’s quasi-nemesis Lucca (Good Wife vet Cush Jumbo).

And with that, The Good Fight is born.

Having already seen some of what comes next, I can tell you that Episode 2 provides a much more accurate glimpse of what the series will look like on a weekly basis. It also welcomes back a few more fan-favorite Good Wife characters, most notably Sarah Steele’s wonderfully sardonic Marissa, who becomes Diane’s assistant and heir apparent to Kalinda’s private eye throne. I should also mention that the second episode is, overall, stronger than the premiere. And I really liked the premiere.

So, with that said, I turn your attention to the following two polls, as well as the subsequent comments section. Have at it! 

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